Let’s Talk About Sex

Is there some viable reason why Americans refuse to talk to their children about sex? Before you jump up and answer, the key word in the sentence is in italics. Click it if you do not know what it means, definition 3.

Statistically Speaking

  • Young people aged 13–24 made up about 17% of all those who received a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in 2008.
  • Although 15–24-year-olds represent only one-quarter (1/4) of the sexually active population, they account for 9.1 million (nearly 1/2) of the 18.9 million new cases of STIs each year.
  • 82% of teen pregnancies are unplanned; they account for about 1/5 of all (including adults) unintended pregnancies annually.
  • 19% of teen pregnancies are for a second (or higher) child.
  • Fewer than 2% of teens who have a baby before age 18 attain a college degree by age 30.
  • Most female teens report they would be very upset (58%) or a little upset (29%) if they got pregnant.
  • Boys, not so much: would be very upset (47%) or a little upset (34%) if they got a female pregnant.
Read the fact sheet from the Guttmacher Institute. It is an eye-opener.

You First

Did you take the test this morning? How did you score? As a parent, you must get over your hangups and talk to your children.

Not What You Think

Now, this is the part of the blog where you expect me to get preachy and tell you all the things you are not supposed to do. Wrong.

I am far more interested in what you have to say before I spout off with what I think you do not know. (Yes, I read what I write.)

Start Here

More Questions

Don’t groan. You should have known there would be a test…eventually.

Tell me what you want to know. If your question is not here,  give me something in the comments I have not thought to list! I want to hear from you.


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  1. I can see you answering lots of different questions on this posting Red, well either that or those two polls that you have just added are going to be RED hot over the weekend 🙂 Actually it is a tad cold here this evening and it is very windy outside again too… Waffle, waffle… 🙂 lol

    Have a wondrously nice evening Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • My evening is picking up for certain. I hope you will still be up for my 2000 offering, as it promises to be an absolute gas! Hope you voted for your topic of choice, as the poll has already garnered a few votes just since 1200.

      It is always windy on the mountain top. Part of what I like about the country setting where I live. Always a breeze, but sometimes downright bone-chilling gusts. But you know a bit about bone-chilling 😉 Red.

  2. James Parsons

     /  December 2, 2011

    Very interesting, my oldest daughter got pregnant when she was 18 and now has 4 children, she now is 28. We as parent can teach our children all we want to be when they think they know it all it hard to change their minds. They do as they please because we as parents don’t know anything, we are just parents. Great one Red.

    • To some degree the argument of teen angst holds water. Honestly, not all teens are angst-filled. Many well-adjusted teens navigate their adolescence without falling into all of the traps. With the massive amount of information available through health organizations, doctors, clinics, schools, churches and parents, there truly is no cause for so many teen pregnancies.

      Even though the numbers have fallen in recent years, the fact STIs are so prevalent in teens is frightening. To my mind, a complete reform of sexual education is in order. Not just in the domain of the schools, but in the home and all other outlets as well.

      Mayhap, I have stumbled onto another post in this series.

  3. James Parsons

     /  December 2, 2011

    Well put Red, this is a subject that our schools ran from. It was something you learned out behind the barn. The children today have all the information at hand and still refuse to use it. It’s just not right kids having kids

  4. Well you know my thoughts on the subject. Well done.

    • I do. Actually, you were the one that spurred this series. We have discussed this ad nauseum in the past, and one of my more recent visits to your space just got the question stuck back in my brain…and events IRL. Always a dangerous combination with my curious mind. I hope you voted. Red.

  5. I was once a beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed woman. Then my three children passed through adolescence and into college. I am now a middle-aged bespectacled, gray-haired man. See what raising kids does to a person?!?!?!

    • Aye! I recall my youth with fondness..when I can remember it! Insanity is hereditary: You get it from your children! Good to see you, Phil. Make yourself and home. And why, pray tell, do I not see a link to your blog in the Green Room?

  6. So, Red, with the Green Room – ever think of doing a radio show and calling it “The Red Green Show”? – Ooops, it’s been done! But, you need to get some of these printed up and into a book,but my real question is “Where in the world do you find the time? Do you even sleep?”… keep it up, you are catching up with “The Rest of the Story with Paul Harvey” with your witty and always to the point writing!

    • I have a duplicate battery. When I run down, I pop in a new one and keep going 🙂 Working on a post book and some singles to go on Amazon already. So, right there with you! Red.

  7. awarewriter

     /  December 9, 2011

    “My mother explained what sex was the day after I first had it.” Christy Veladota

    I love it. Bet you will too Red. lol

    This is a student example from from “What if? Fiction Exercises for Fiction Writers.” by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter.

    The exercise was first sentences: beginning in the middle.

    • Oh that is awesome! *Googles title* I absolutely love writing exercises. Like I should be writing more, eh? This week I am pushing 35K words already…but only if you discount email. Red.

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