Sex Is Overrated.

The block button is the only social media button more powerful than the share button. I have to flip a coin to see which one I prefer on any given day. This week held precisely no exceptions.

Our Friday nights have normally been spent in my inbox, so I shall stay true to form, at least for a few. But I will let you in on some of the fun I can have on social media, as well.

Sex is overrated.”

Indiana Route Marker

We all know sex sells, but I have to admit Let’s Talk About Sex was not the post I thought would fly off the charts, nor rally so stinking many people to carrying pitchforks and torches. The most colorful one in my social media inbox was a little lady (guessing  and giving a bunch of latitude here) from Indiana. It started innocently enough…You know, dear, …

She did not take four words to get to the cataclysm. In the barrage of insults, I pictured a 3’11” cotton-top wagging a bony finger toward my nose with the other hand clenched on her hip. One quote stuck out more than all the others…Sex is overrated. Anyone want to put that to a poll?

You are a racist Republican bigot.”

Republican Party (United States)

Remind me to never move to Nevada. The desert must fry the brain. Enter Old Sparky. On the subject of last meals, I apparently turned someone’s stomach.

One particularly caustic email came from a man(?) who signed his moniker as Truth from the libral write. Before I question the possibilities of his October birth, dyslexia and dementia, let me give you a few gems from this scathing message:

  • Only racists supports the death penalty.
  • You republicans are all alike. Why not just starve them to daeth?
  • Bigots are the reason we even have a [expletives (plural) deleted] death row you moron.

I ran out of fingers trying to list all the things wrong with just those three statements.

Party girls are a bad influence.”

Can I have a Scarlet A as well? Mona (if she signed her real name this time) was completely bent over After Baby BFF. Once again, I am the cause of all which is “wrong with society today”. Some of the list of should’s and should not’s  I got were:

Prostitute in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • (Should) Keep my dress down. Hanging out with my BFF would inevitably lead to more children.
  • (Should not) Be hanging out with party girls. After all, they are a bad influence and probably why I got pregnant.
  • (Should) Just stay home and take care of that Gift From GOD. And to think I missed the angelic FedEx guy while I was at the hospital.
  • (Should not) Pawn that beautiful child off on my poor husband. (Deep breath. Count to 10.)

Just to clear the air, Mona:

  • I am wearing pants (for once).
  • I cannot class my girlfriends as party girls. And sex causes pregnancy.
  • I do not have a bundle of joy at home. My grandson lives with his mother, my angel.
  • I am currently not married, getting there next year, but not yet.

You have no taste what so ever.”

I revealed the song stuck in my head and really, seriously wish this emailer had actually L.I.S.T.E.N.E.D. to the song…and followed its advice.

This particular message remained completely anonymous, but took the time to object to each (EACH) of the 36 questions. Although the perfect revenge would be posting them all, let me show you which answers of mine were most hated:

Most Evil
  • 6. You don’t need anything in hell and you cannot take it with you.
  • 7. Just join an internet dating site and quit advertizing on a blog for [expletive deleted]’s sake.
  • 8. You can’t have ex’s. Nobody would put up with your [expletives deleted] long enough to get together.
  • 18. Everything about you is EVIL! [exclamation points deleted]
  • 26. [Expletive deleted] drug addict.
  • 36. You aren’t important in my life.

Wow! I would never have guessed with that level of objection.


And there you have the top jewels from this week. Any retorts?

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  1. Geez, you get some idiots in the inbox. Personally I’m just hopeful since I’m not stuck in a naive box that my girls practice birth control so they don’t make me grandma until they’re ready to raise that returnable child. I do so want those returnable children.

    • When I worked in retail and faced the angry shoppers at the return desk, I often quipped them with, “I will gladly take back your merchandise, but we do not sell those,” pointing to their unruly children.

      Naivete is overcome with information. Check out the post “Let’s Talk About Sex” and let me know. Red.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that the guys in-the-right, are always the guys hurling insults. Be happy, it’ll drive them nuts. -Kelly

  3. I still say that most of these people are just miserable and may be out there looking through blogs just so they can find someone to highly disagree with and tear apart any bits of info that don’t fall in line with what they believe. (Has anyone ever heard of the freedom of press? I learned about that in the first grade but maybe they were so unfortunate as to not have had to opportunity to have made it that far in school). This gives them a sense of power which they obviously need because they feel so insignificant in the real world. Criticizing and judging is what so many of us do when we lack self esteem and are not happy people. Honestly, I feel pity for them and I pray for them and the segment of the population that they represent (usually anonymously so). I can’t wait to see what they will say about child abuse or any of the issues that I write about. Maybe they will say I deserved it because I must have been a naughty girl. Who knows. I respect what you say even if I don’t agree.

    Just because I don’t agree with something you might say, it does not mean that you are wrong. At least I have an open mind enough to read it but I always maintain my skepticism. That’s why God gave us brains and hearts. Honestly, I do get upset when I read something that completely goes against what I believe in and sometimes I give my angry opinion but I always try to be objective about things. I try not to be insulting. If I am very angry about an issue I will wait to comment until I have time to roll it around in my mind without all the emotion getting me worked up. Sorry this is so long but I had something to say. I have no idea if this is right but here you have it. 🙂

    • It is right, Karen. Waiting to give your opinion until you have far fewer negative emotions is always a good thing. Once you cool off, you may find the perspective necessary to reach the zombie.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment, as your opinions are always welcomed. {HUGZ} Red.

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