Top 10 Things I Hate…

…about the world we live in today.

Being an eternal optimist, I had to do some soul-searching to find ten things I really hate about the world. Taking in a news program, the prime time hour and a conversation with a few people, I realized the majority of what I hate is the deplorable way humans treat one another.

These are the top 10 things I hate about our world, in no particular order.

1. Popularity of dishonesty
2. Unbridled avarice
3. Unadulterated sloth
4. Assignment of blame/Lack of personal responsibility
5. Celebration of crime
6. Rewards for mediocrity
7. Entitlement to reward without sacrifice
8. Abandonment of work ethic
9. Failure of parents to raise children to be participating citizens of society
10. Revisionist history

Why I hate them.

(Writer’s note: The term you is not indicative of accusing the reader of these actions, but rather the pronoun chosen to represent society.)

No political correctness
1. Lying is expected. From politicians to job applicants. Now, lying has a name: political correctness. I would much rather everyone just tell the truth.
2. It is ridiculous to have a contract worth $23,000,000 per year, while families struggle to make enough money to keep food on the table and clothes on their children. I could put that much money in my fireplace, and keep my house warm.
3. Unemployment, welfare, disability…where does it stop. Healthy, able-bodied people who choose not to support themselves or their families. Get a job. (This is not a jab at the legitimate claims.)
4. It is your fault. Admit it, apologize, rectify the wrong and do not repeat it.

Ball-peen hammer
5. Gangsters and drug dealers are not role models. Charles Manson did not write a parenting guide book. John Gotti should have had to break rocks with a ball peen hammer. Our entertainment is filled with a love affair our society has with crime.
6. You do not “graduate” from the 3rd grade. Not everyone who plays the game deserves a trophy. The reward of a task completed should be sufficient when one does as one is expected. These celebrations make the real standouts feel as though they excelled for no reason.
The nurses, military, support staff and the hard-working are overlooked when they quietly go above and beyond the call of duty, day in and day out.
7. No one owes you anything until you earn it. As children grow up thinking they should be congratulated and rewarded for the tasks they are expected to finish, they become self-righteous, entitled adults who believe the mere fact they graced the job with their countenance should earn them a raise.
8. Punching the time clock does not entitle you to a check. Actually doing your job is what entitles you to a paycheck.

9. Children do not learn life lessons, discipline, values or ethics from school. Parents must be examples of good citizens and upstanding individuals. Children learn more from observation than they ever do from a book.

10. See number 4.

There is a lot of good in this world. These ten are the not good ones I happen to hate. Anyone with me?


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  1. Yes you have certainly mirrored a lot of peeps thoughts with this posting Red and I can’t wait for the flip side of the coin, being the top ten things that you most enjoy, of course that list will have to be censored for the most part but I guess that you could always add the next best ten 🙂

    I think that hate number nine offers a wide array of problems and yob culture seems to be rife in a lot of countries around the world at the moment, such as the recent rioting in the UK for instance, and that was just total anarchy.

    You know this is a very good offering as it highlights just a few of the negatives that we all seem to be facing, of course there are many more as you know but ten is definitely a good start and it offers a nice basis for debate, of which I hope that you have many more hits my wickedly fine young friend.

    Right I will just zoom over to your holiday part three and then I have to get on with some work instead of skiving 🙂 lol

    Have a really nice rest of day and
    equally a delightful evening Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • So glad you stopped to sound off on this one. I recognize these “hates” truly have no borders. As of late, the international flavor of #9 is permeating many societies as the borders are no longer physical boundaries among countrymen.

      Perhaps, my next ten will have to be the pet peeves, as I haven’t but 7,421 of those. 😉 And as to the “enjoys”, well I think I am guilty.

      Without being a sloth, take work in stride, and I shall see what offering you have just posted. Have a grand day. Red.

  2. About parents being responsible for their children – I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada, on the border with the USA (Cornwall) and there are an unbelievable number of young couples walking around all day with kids in strollers and on leashes (yes, on leashes) – they are on welfare or disability (people go on disability here for “anxiety” of all things!!!) – but they run around, fight, party etc, while teaching their kids what? That to work is wrong because you can make almost as much by being on disability than if you were working a minimum wage job! They don’t think of the future, they are invincible and will never die, they challenge cars on the road, thinking the cars will move and they have the right of way or something – just all around something wrong with a major portion of young people out there with no aspirations.

    You hit it on the head again, Red.

    • It is a sad state of affairs. I still do not understand why ambition is so frowned upon by society in general (as it is not cultural only to the US). Recently, I have been accused of being “too focused” on preparing and securing a future for my youngest (handicapped) children. I have to shake my head and wonder who these people think will care for my children if I do not. Astounding.

      Thanks for coming by to comment, Marc! Red.


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