Ten Things I Love About You

This Valentine’s Day, I decided to take a page from Kim’s playbook and write about ten things I love about Bear. Be forewarned, I edited so much out of this the cuttings could be a full Red post. Get to know my Valentine.

Back off!

1. Growl

There are days when the whole world is completely wrong. Wherever I am, I pick up the telephone. At the other end, the voice I hear brings calm and solace and pain relief. It also scares away would-be predators. In its sultriness, it summons my inner bear. I love Bear’s growl.

2. Arms

With biceps larger than my thighs, Bear’s arms can lift me up, for a kiss, a celebration or just because. With them wrapped around me, I am safe from any and every thing which would come against me. In them, sleep comes quietly.

3. Eyes

Laughter makes Bear’s eyes dance like snowflakes glistening in the sun. When the blue sky clouds, the lightning in them is ferocious. In the calm, they are azure pools into which I can gaze upon his soul.

4. Temper

It is the Reddest thing about Bear. It does not show often, but when it does, it is mighty. His temper reminds me how deep his passion runs. Most importantly, it is never directed at me.


5. Protection

Bear is very appropriately named. He is territorial and protective.  Be it animals, our children, our grandchildren or us, nothing will get close enough to harm us. Nothing. He is a protector. More than just a character trait, it is a profession.

6. Tenderness

He is not all gruff claws and teeth. There is a profound gentleness in Bear. The tenderness with which he handles little girl hurts and baby bear tears seems just as perfectly placed as the growl. I see it when, after a long day, he brushes a stray curl from my cheek.

7. Brain

The order of knowledge:

  1. Know.
  2. Ask.
  3. Seek.
  4. Find.
  5. Deliver.

Bear knows. When he does not, he asks. If that person does not know, he seeks one who does…until he finds one. Then, he delivers the information to the one who asked or to the task at hand. It makes for no days without discovery.

8. Strength

Bear’s strength goes far beyond what he can lift. It shows in the silent tasks and the backbreaking heartache. With a singleness of mind and heart, he supports.

You did what?

9. Independence

If you want it done right, do it yourself.”

Bear can do it. Bear does do it. What makes it special? Bear chooses to do it with me. What is it? Anything and everything…and on special occasions…nothing.

10. Heart

No, it is not frozen.

I saved this until last because it is so much more than all the rest. Bear’s heart is big. In it, he holds kindness, truth, compassion, conviction, faith.

It is strong. Despite being entrusted to people who embattled and abused it, Bear’s heart is a fortress. He holds those he loves within its walls.

It is steadfast.  Bear does not waver. Whatever obstacle may appear on the path, he finishes the course.

And with my head on his chest, Bear’s heart is a rhythmic reminder of his love for me.


Joyeuse Saint-Valentin! À mon ours, mes enfants et vous tous.

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  1. I can see that your Bear is a most wonderful gentleman with true loving and sweet ways, such ways that show how a real man cares for his woman, a true warrior with the heart of a gentle giant, someone that loves beyond all boundaries into perpetuity, a safe haven where only love and a passionate heart beats for his true love, his soul mate, and with her love he is indestructible, a man that has no fears of heartache or loneliness, but just a glowing warmth of a true and unwavering love…

    Happy Valentine’s Day You Two…

    Androgoth XXx

  2. I’m about to head off to bed.
    This is a wonderful wrap up to my day.
    Thanks Red, and Bear.

  3. Red,

    A heartfelt and love-filled tribute, honoring the one you love so dearly. It comes through so well. If only more would take the time to put their own thoughts like this into words, we could obliterate the entire Greeting Card industry, and for good cause too. I venture to guess all the verbiage that got cut is still infinitely more beautiful and genuine than the best of what Hallmark and their “writers” have to offer.

    Bear is one lucky fella, as I’m sure you’re one lucky gal, to have found each other.

    • We are, Phil. I have a sister who is far from a writer. She decided to start a habit of writing something on a napkin which she put into her husband’s lunch everyday. Being we come from an anti-greeting card family (We buy blank ones or make them and insert own snark.), she was quite surprised when he gave her a book with all the little notes transcribed in it with the dates.

      I wish more people subscribed to everyday little kindnesses and thoughtfulness in general. The world would be such a better place.

      • What a thoughtful thing to do – both Sister and her Husband in return!

        I’m delighted to know you too have a general dislike for the greeting card pre-canned text and sentiment thing. I wrote about it ages ago when I ran out of blank card stock and had to run into a Hallmark store. I don’t think I’ve been to one since…

        Story here

  4. It warms the cockles of my heart (do they still say that?) when I hear people loving each other truthfully. And many more to you both.

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