Writers Spotlight: Wendy Reid

As Red was finishing up scooting the afternoon crowd off to supper, she breezed over to a ginger snuggled into the third booth. Her cuppa was empty, so Red waved her to the kitchen to wait for a fresh brew. Questions were bubbling to the surface. See what Wendy Reid had to say about writing books in different genres and staying truly authentic.

M3: Before we get to the meat and bones of the discussion, give the M3 Readers your book jacket clip as an introduction.

WR: Award winning author Wendy Reid lives in Gatineau, Quebec with her husband of 25 years and her 3 grown children. She is presently working on her second thriller and the second volume of the Bedtime Stories series.

M3: So, where did you start off in this publishing journey?

Wendy Reid

Wendy Reid

WR: I wrote some erotic stories back in 2003, and I let a couple of friends read them.  They told me they were really good, so I posted them on Literotica.  There are 7 or 8 of them now, and all have received good ratings and wonderful feedback, which I still get from time to time.

M3: Do you have someone to thank before we get to the here and now?

WR: My good friend and editor Kathryn Zagrodney, who has helped me immensely and has been supportive since day one.  I also have to thank Kevin Huhn, who gave me lots of great advice when it came to building my website and cost free marketing.

M3: We will circle back to that. Do you have any advice for writers looking to become authors?

WR: Don’t waste your time with agents and print publishers for your first work.  Self publish and get your work out there.  If you have what it takes and continue to build a back list, you will eventually get noticed and picked up by a publisher.

M3: Sounds like a bull by the horns attitude. You are a natural redhead. Got any fire for the traditional publishing industry?

WR: Yeah.  Give the new guys a break.  Traditional publishers are giving new authors no choice but to go the self-publishing route which may one day bite them in the ass.

M3: Methinks, it may have already, Wendy. Do you think the industry looks down on self-published material as though it were inferior?

WR: Maybe, but I don’t think it matters all that much because I see more and more new authors turning to self-publishing.  It’s quicker, cheaper, and there isn’t a need to be approved.  There may be some lower quality stories being published, but there are also a lot of great ones.  If traditional industry doesn’t change their way of thinking, they might be missing out on some great new authors.

M3: I would guess more than a handful. Have you had any triumphs over the brick and mortars?

WR: Yes, I figured out how to bypass the traditional publisher and get my work out there despite that fact that no one has heard by name before.

M3: That is no small task, either. Has the economy changed how you operate?

WR: Not really.  I was broke before, and I’m still broke.

M3: The M3 Readers should not really care about your day job, then?

WR: Not really.  Right now, I am between jobs right now which allows me to write more.  Once I’m back at work, I won’t have as much time, but I will make the time regardless.

M3: What do you have in the works now?

WR: I am working on a new thriller along with a new collection of short erotic stories.

M3: That sounds like a full time job. Do you ever go on hiatus and take a break from it all?

WR: No.  First of all, I don’t believe I’ve earned one yet, and secondly, why would I need to take a break from something I enjoy this much? You may as well ask me if I’d like a break from sex.  Uh…no.

M3: How do you manage to find time to juggle family, job search and writing two more books?

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love

WR: Like I said earlier,  I am between jobs, so I have lots of free time.  For financial reasons, I will need to go back to work full time shortly, and I have no idea how I’m going to find the time, but I love writing and you make time for the things you love.

M3: That is so very true. Let’s talk about your books. What makes A Mother’s Love close to your heart?

WR: My first novel, A Mother’s Love means a lot to me because it is my first.  I know that it’s not perfect and hopefully my writing will improve with each new book, but it’s my first and you never forget your first. *wink, wink*

M3: No, you never do. What makes your work different from everything else out there?

WR: I write like many of us think, but are afraid to say because they don’t want to offend anyone.  I’m not trying to offend anyone. I just refuse to change who I am for the sake of writing a book that will fit other people’s ideals.  If you don’t like offensive language…

M3: Got it. Note to self, read warning label. I told you we would circle back. How important has your own marketing been to the success of your books?

WR: Very important because I can’t afford professional marketing. I have learned that social networking is really important in this industry so I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn and Klout as well as my own blog.  When you are considerate enough to help other authors get exposure through these networks, most often they reciprocate in kind.

M3: Sounds like you have met some really good people. How do you feel about your writing colleagues?

WR: I have just recently started connecting with other writers and I am pleasantly surprised at the camaraderie among them.  They truly wish success for each other and help when they can.  Some other trades would have colleagues competing with each other but not in this industry.  I love some of the new friends I have made through my blog and on Twitter.

Bedtime Stories: Volume 1

Bedtime Stories: Volume 1

M3: Share something with me. What is the one thing you really wish I would not tell the M3 Readers?

WR: Um…that the majority of the erotic stories in Volume 1 are based on my own personal experiences.  I’d appreciate if you just kept that between the two of us.

M3: No one will ever know it is all about you, Wendy. Sell me your book in 15 words or less.

WR: I write what I feel and feel what I write…whether it’s politically correct or not.

M3: Which sounds awfully refreshing to me. Thank you for taking time with me, Wendy.


Darling M3 Readers,

Please take a few moments to check out Wendy Reid, A Mother’s Love and  Bedtime Stories: Volume 1. Visit Wendy’s blog to learn more about the author, her books and stories. Follow her on Twitter for the latest on her upcoming novels.

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  1. I can’t thank Red enough for all the time and effort it took to get this interview up and running, and for believing that I was worthy as an author to begin with.

  2. Wendy Reid, congratulations are in order, you have been interviewed by the best! Great interview! You DO have a wonderful attitude to publishing. I do hope the “bricks and mortar houses” sit up and pay attention. I wish you the best of luck with your book(s)!
    @ Red, as usual, you excel at bringing out the best, lighting fires, and raising the level of awareness and hope we all find is a source of inspiration. Excellent job! ~R
    Raymond Alexander Kukkee recently posted..Political Sanctions: Punishment for Voting DemocraticallyMy Profile

  3. Thank you very much Raymond. It was lovely of you to stop in and leave your comment. Have a wonderful day!

    P.S. I know…Red is the best, huh? 🙂

  4. Thanks for the visit and comment Red! 🙂

    The progress is slow, but I’m doing my damnedest to get it done if only two chapters at a time!

    We have warm weather here, but also a lot of European pollution, so it is uncomfortable to put it mildly!

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Monday and Tuesday – Sick, but getting better slowlyMy Profile

  5. Great interview, Wendy. I like that you write what you want and not what people would find least offensive. In my opinion, once one censors him or herself, it takes away from the writing.

    • Exactly Carrie. I mean, do we all really want to be Stephanie Meyer or Stephen King? Or do we want to be known, as ourselves. I think a lot of people are afraid to be themselves, maybe not just with the written word, but in their relationships as well, for fear of rejection. My thought is, Do I really WANT to be with someone that I can’t be myself with? Do I REALLY want to write a book, the whole time pretending to be someone else? The answer to both is a loud and resounding “No!”

      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your comment. I really do appreciate your interest and participation. 🙂

  6. I was particularly interested in this one. Erotica? Hmmm! I thought about that myself.
    Kudos to her for not worrying about what is thought of self-publishing. Very inspiring!
    lorrelee1970 recently posted..Don’t Read This BlogMy Profile

  7. Hi Lorrelee and thank you for your comment! Erotica is really fun to write actually. Mind you, I write a lot from personal experience because I can’t imagine trying to do this while being a virgin. My first collection was composed of stories I had written back in 2003 with a few newer ones. The collection I’m working on now is based on a domination theme. Should be out by the summer.

    Thanks again for the visit. 🙂

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