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Burning HeartIn a world where cardiovascular health is a focus, getting one’s blood pumping is a good idea.

Darkness Introduced is without a doubt a way to do it. It does come with a few warnings, though.

1. Darkness is an intense world with characters who are discovering themselves.

2. Some DI characters are so firm in themselves, you may be willing to leave them in charge of your imagination.

3. The sex may not be something you have tried (often, recently, ever), but for them it is as commonplace as it is engaging.

4. The characters give you reasons for their choices, without expecting you to agree or disagree. They do not judge and can give you reasons not to judge them.

5. You get to look at crime from a completely different angle and with all the heart-pumping action without the chase.

6. Watch how love blossoms in soil which does not look fertile enough to grow weeds.

7. See how power can corrupt. You may even dislike a character before the book is over.

8. Darkness Introduced could have easily and accurately named Orgasm Introduced.

9. Challenge the ideals of what makes a relationship function by seeing how others operate within a different set of rules than the majority.

10. The sex is hot, open, hot, often, hot, varied and, perhaps you should be warned, hot.

11. Discover there is more to BDSM than what movies show you.

12. Go somewhere you may never have been, but may just be curious to see… and might lay plans to visit again.

Darkness Introduced CoverTake a moment to read some of the reviews for Darkness Introduced. A copy is waiting for you (or someone you know would enjoy it) at RedmundPro.

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  1. Ffolkes,

    I can attest; pay heed to the word “hot”…. The rest takes a bit longer to process…


    gigoid, not so dubiously

    gigoid recently posted..Stereotyping promotes bigotry, it’s clear….My Profile

  2. Did you happen to mention ‘hot’?
    I love your methodology. 🙂

  3. In the darkness there is a light that shines brighter for some than others but the inventiveness of experimentation and a willing to be involved can be incredibly HOT 🙂

    No I am not saying anything else, and besides you already know it all so hard lines… lol

    Have a fun and wicked evening Red 🙂

    Andro xxxx


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