Wordless Wednesday

Choose a favorite, and tell everyone what you would name each one. (No peeking.)

Fractal Art Red Dwyer



Fractal Art Red Dwyer


Fractal Art Red Dwyer


Fractal Art Red Dwyer


Fractal Art Red Dwyer

One is wind. One is water. One is something I doubt anyone ever celebrates.

Which one is your favorite?

Last Week’s Names

  1. Bows and Flies
  2. Bird Brain
  3. Flower on the Bias
  4. Space Beans
  5. Ribbon Dancers

If I have not come back and put in which one was your favorite, kick me in the comments!

Space Beans reminds me of a fun house mirror. Flower on the Bias makes me think of winter and fuzzy sweaters. Ribbon Dancers is the one with the skulls in it. Lizzie spotted them immediately.

Which one is your favorite? What would you name them? Do you see flowers?

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  1. Firefly fairies
    Hot air balloons (fav)
    Binky recently posted..Rocket Racer WagonMy Profile

    • I hope you like the one a few weeks after this one which really did look like hot air balloons! Burnout? Hmm…

  2. 1. Fine Wine
    2. Nuclear Snowflakes
    3. Crystal Ball
    4. Time in a Bottle
    5. Cooties (Really–can’t help it)

    My favorite is number 1 (Fine Wine)
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – BackwardMy Profile

  3. 1The Alice in wonderland cat
    2 dark forest during a full moon
    3 mystical water fountain
    4 chinese finger trap
    5 bouncy house floor
    my favorite is the mysticsal water fountain.

  4. 1. Skinny Dip
    2. You Got Me
    3. Dance with Me
    4. ImaSee
    5. Snuggles

    I am bouncing between 1 and 3
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Fall Flash 12My Profile

  5. 1. Rooster Dance
    4. Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

    #1 is my favorite.
    I don’t ‘see’ flowers, but in one of them I get a feeling of flowers.
    C. Brown recently posted..The Good ServerMy Profile

  6. 3 Green Lantern
    Bearman recently posted..Imitation CrabMy Profile

    • Funny man. The cartoonist sees a cartoon. Great to see you, Bearman. I need to email you. I need a new caricature.

  7. 1. Butterfly wine
    2. Lace and old ladies
    3. Conception
    4. Diamond mouth
    5. Kissing cousins

    I have to pick two this time, #1 and #5. What? I can only choose one favorite? OK then, my favorite is #5.

    PS – The text for All Non-spambots and Check here to subscribe is messed up on my system (Firefox 24).

    PPS – I’m guessing you’re getting ready for Halloween but red on orange is unreadable. Nice try.
    John McDevitt recently posted..Flash Fiction: The ChosenMy Profile

    • I think I have a way to fix the header boxes. I just wanted really away from the greens. May have to add in more CSS to make it happen. Not for Hallowe’en. I love the orange and was seriously tired of the green after nearly two years. 😉

      Love your name for #1!

  8. Another five Fractals to enjoy 🙂 Okay so what are my thoughts on these beauties? Here we go…

    1/ Valentine in Creation
    2/ Swirling Vortex
    3/ Alien Iris
    4/ Surviving Compression
    5/ Central Glow

    And my favourite for
    this week is number four 🙂

    Keep adding these wonderful
    Fractals Red they are brilliant 🙂

    Andro xxxx


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