Wordless Wednesday

Did you name the last set of fractals? Stop in and tell me what name they whisper (or scream) to you. No peeking. (Click to enlarge.)

Hat Mum fractal

Red Dwyer fractal art

Red Dwyer fractal art

Red Dwyer fractal art

Red Dwyer fractal art

One makes me long for the ocean. One is overtly sexual. One reminds me of the ’40s.

On our last outing, you came up with some really ingenious names for the fractals, especially #5! My names were as follows:

  1. Butterfly Skydiving
  2. Cracked Windshield
  3. Purple Plumes
  4. Splintered Pane
  5. Power Bubbles

Purple Plumes could have been in my hat. Butterfly Skydiving reminds me of music. Power Bubbles made me think of housework.

There was no clear favorite, so if you have not seen them, by all means, go pick a favorite. Chances are good you can give me a giggle with a name.

My favorite? Splintered Pane.

Which one is your favorite? What would you name the fractals? Which colors do you find most appealing in art?

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  1. Don’t know what they call it but the last reminds me of those old fashioned dive helmets.

  2. Really like the first one. The second one looks like ying-yang. And Bearman’s right about the last one, but I only noticed that after he suggested it.

    • I love that about fractals. It is like looking at clouds. When someone sees something, they can point others to it.

  3. I don’t feel well enough to be thoughtful…I have nothing in me at all.

    But I love the first and the forth one!
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Never EnoughMy Profile

  4. Dream Catcher
    Gyro Graph
    Center of the Universe
    Stained Glass Magic

  5. I am pleased that you have resumed with these Fractals, as they give us the reader a chance to be creative through thoughts, not that I can always think of something straight off, but I do enjoy them.

    1/ Bride’s Bouquet
    2/ Emergence of the New Star
    3/ Radiance
    4/ Orbital Plains
    5/ Skipping Reflections

    My favourite here is number (5) as it reminds me of skipping pebbles on water, the reflections caused as the pebble flips across the water, well something like that anyway.

    Andro xxxx


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