I love it when I win!

For everyone following me on social media, you are well aware I am on a campaign to help Bearman win the Cartoonist Studio’s editorial contest. I have been posting every few hours with his current submission for you to stop by and mash the green button for his toon.

This is the first day of week six. We have made it past the halfway point. Today’s editorial is up, so make your way to go vote!

What is this win?

You all recall when I posted about Bearman MAD about charity in May for his fourth annual charity drive. We did our best to break his bank. By the end of week three he was seriously over the $500 each for  Cincinnati FreeStore FoodbankDowns Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati and Crayons to Computers.

You really cannot miss the green hair.

One of the biggest ways to contribute was to use Bearman’s avatar in a web comic or other fan art. Ten very talented artists took him up on it, and he donated $10 to the cause for each of them. Overall, some of the most talented artists on the web used that signature green hair in their art.

When the charity drive was over, he pooled all of the images and challenged his blog followers (especially those of us without artistic offerings) to list who had done which work. As luck would have it, even though I was not the first one to the post (like I am on time for anything), I was the first one to correctly identify all of the art to the respective artists.

Call me a cheat, but I had visited all of the blogs when he left links along the way. (Psst…I actually do check out the blogs you post when you do award shows and blogger features.)

Yes, I picked which one.

So, in appreciation of my support for those who support him, Bearman sent me a tee from his webstore, Wack Sack.


Now, with his thousands of circlers and followers, Bearman has an elite class of fans who earn the right to be Bearmaniacs. Yours truly has now joined the ranks.


If you have not already been over to Beartoons to see what all the brouhaha is about, you are missing out. Stop by and drop my name if you can handle a bit of ribbing. Stop into Wack Sack. I am sure you can find something delightfully irreverent to drop in your cart.

And be sure to vote for Bearman’s editorials at the Cartoonist Studio. With fewer participants, the competition is getting stiffer. You can vote every six hours (and the timer is really stinking accurate). If you have a Facebook login, you do not have to give Cartoonist Studio your email address…but if you want to vote twice, you can register with the site via email as well. (*Whistles, innocently.* What?)

In the search box, type in Bearman or click on the “B” to sort the entrants. You have to manually find his editorial to vote for it. Make sure you are voting for HIS editorial before you push the VOTE button.

Thank you!

Click on the link under the editorial to go directly to the vote page.


Did you go vote yet? Can you get a friend to help us stuff the ballot box? What is your favorite thing in the Wack Sack?

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  1. You know I vote as often as I can remember and find the link (unbroken).

    Love the t

  2. Awesome Red! I do remember you mentioning Bearman on Google+ and I must check out his site!
    Christy Birmingham recently posted..Poetry With Recipes – Well, Sort OfMy Profile

  3. Bearman and Red are the greatest! I’m always ride or die with y’all! 😀
    George recently posted..Return To Sinner For Insufficient FunMy Profile

    • George, is Addanac City in the Green Room? You need to be getting thumbs up to be moving to the Alumni Club….


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