Getting with the New Program

M3 did some amazing things in its microbial existence in 2011. In two months (and two days), it garnered over 12,500 hits and more than 3,200 comments. Not bad for a toddler blog. So, what?

Time for some changes.

English: A heavy-duty "bow rake" use...

I carefully scoured the email (Used a garden rake for the Friday Follies mail, read rest.). I have an idea where M3 is going this year…content wise. But it is time for a new domain. I am going to ask everyone to stow their carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments because we are taxiing down the runway and should be airborne momentarily. (Feels surge of adrenaline at the revving of jet turbine engines. Considers squalling tires.)

Frequent Fliers 

Goals are good. (That is what my therapist thinks, anyway.) And I am doing everything in my power to set reasonable goals in terms of numbers. Given the number of vile emails I have gotten about the Million Word Meter I probably should keep my keyboard closed about numbers, but have you known me to hold my tongue (or fingers, as it were)? Did not think so.


Stop looking over my shoulder.

Since I trust you all to have, at least at one point or another, found something you absolutely knew I wrote for someone you know, I am not treading on a limber limb to think you may have shared a post or two (hundred) with your social media thousands. Banking on two pivotal points:

1. I actually write things you give a hoot about with some kind of striking regularity.

2. I actually do not write things which will cause you to eject me from your inbox.

…I think it would be a safe venture to strive for 150,000 visits in 2012. (Scribbles on notepad to exploit social media and makes resolution goal to find 15,000 more contacts, 47 more musicians and 41 more authors. Considers hiring spam bot.)

Eight months & 30 days

Measuring Up

Maybe you noticed the little meter above the tag cloud? Over there, in the right column, at the top. That’s the one. My Million Word Meter, receiver of many emails, is beginning to fill up nicely. With 10% already in the kitty, I think filling it to the brim is a pretty realistic resolution goal for 2012. Or should I write less? (Laughs maniacally as though that would happen. Recovers composure. Idly flips through calendar of posts already written…for September.) 

Yakkety, Yak, Yak, Yak

Speak to Me

I absolutely love to talk to you. If you ever get on the tele with me, just pretend you have a beep and need to go supply blood for someone…in Peru.

To curb my need for gab, I want to engage my audience in discussions, as we have had so often in itty-bitty 2011. How’s 15,000 comments for 2012 sound? (Scribbles something barely intelligible on notepad about good content and surrealistic thought-provoking subjects.)

Kudos and Other Chewy Things

I love the idea of awards, otherwise I would not have bothered to create my own. I voted for quite a few of my favorite blogs in 2011. Cannot wait until the results are in to see if any of them got enough votes to win. What? Really? *sigh*

If you have never nominated (or voted for) a blog, visit Blogger’s Choice Awards. You can nominate other blogs (or if you really need more friends, your own blog) for an award.

Once your blog is nominated, you paste a cool badge on your side bar and all of the loving followers and visitors click on it to vote your blog the best (humorous, political, least favorite) blog for the year. There are hundreds of categories, so get to nominating already. (Wonders who will nominate M3 for most annoying or sanctimonious blog.)

Need your help

The name M3 is staying. I have just grown overly attached to it. However, not so sure Momma’s Money Matters is making the move. Start thinking M words. And before the wisenheimers in the back row get any ideas…NO. Masochist may not be one of the M words.

To review, these are some of the M words from 2011:

Help Me, Please.

  • Momma
  • Money
  • Marriage
  • Mathematics
  • Masochist
  • Music
  • Memories
  • Mothering
  • Meddling
  • Megalomaniac
  • Mundane
  • Mental

Your Turn

What do you think the three M’s should be for the new site?


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  1. Momma’s meandering meandering’s
    Momma’s maniacal messages
    Momma’s mutating muse
    Momma’s model messages
    Momma’s mystical mutterings
    Momma’s many messages
    Momma’s must-know mush

    Some of these may have been written with my tongue in my cheek 😉

    • Mutating does not always have a bad connotation…at least not in my book. I especially like the last one! Thanks, Nigel. Red.

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