Dear Fingerprints

Put that dust rag away. Not those fingerprints.

Dear Fingerprints,

green fingerprintI know you hold my identity definitively opposed to everyone else’s. While that is a huge task, it is not a task which requires anything of you. We need to talk about the actions you commit for and to me.

Every day, you are the most sensitive part of my hands. You tell me which are the correct keys to touch. You change the apps on my CrackBerry. You test the temperature of everything I need warm.

You change the way I touch. The slight roughness of the whorls and ridges mean I can sense the softness of nearly every texture, even the ones which are coarse. It is an exercise in juxtaposition which makes me appreciate surfaces are the silver lining on the outside of the cloud.

I never realized how much information can be transmitted by the minute touch of a fingerprint across the tiny hairs on my skin. The gentle touch pulls goose flesh. If I am still enough, I can feel the electric impulses as they surge through my nerves to my brain.

You change the way I create. You add texture to paint and shadows to pencil drawings. The difference between a glass smooth sculpture and one which pets back when it is touched is in your grooves. You ensure the tension of the threads when I sew, crochet, weave and bead.

Whilst everyone else is busy wiping away the evidence you even exist, I appreciate the difference you make in the nuances of my life.

Until the next touch,

Red Signature

What did you just touch with your fingerprint? What was the sensation?

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  1. I will never quite look at my hand in quite the same way again 🙂

    Wishing you well Red…. Love to you Big Hugs your way xxx
    Sue Dreamwalker recently posted..Re-connecting to our Earth Mother.My Profile

    • LOL I love this comment! This one was so fun to write. I am so glad to see you! Much love and bright warm blessings. I hope you are keeping all bundled up. xxx

  2. The last things I touched are a mug of tea (Lovely and warm!) and my mouse! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs my friend!

    Prenin recently posted..Thursday – Shopping Day.My Profile

  3. {smiles}
    I happened to pet my lovely new cat, Dickens. He’s only one and a half and his fur is as soft as the down on a baby chick. <3
    Tess recently posted..Writing your own Ebook – Part Twelve Finale– Images – and Useful LinksMy Profile

  4. Stupid Love Button!

    Just yes to all of it.


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