Straightjacket Defense

If ever there was a reason for me to want to disconnect from the remainder of the human race, it likely would come in the form of a conversation with someone who believes they are as smart or smarter than I. To date, there have been so few who were anywhere in the ballpark of my intelligence level, I can count them on one finger…


No, this is not an exhibition of conceit.  I am rather convinced. Time and time again, humans have proved I am more intelligent than they.

No, this is not a matter of education. There are many who have more years of instruction than I. Others have more technical knowledge than I. What these humans show me is they are steroid-driven bodybuilders, musclebound to the point they are unable to complete an independent thought in spite of the rote ability to regurgitate information painstakingly input and retained despite its veracity or that most niggling fact… research continues to uncover improvements and disprovements.

No, this is not a matter of vocabulary. Multilingualism tends to produce pidgin language rather than effective communication. In my case, I can be a smart ass in more than one language. Possessing a stellar command of language is much like a shuttle astronaut listening to the traffic laments of the tractor driver on the farm road.

No, this is not a matter of IQ. Despite marketing information to the contrary, tests are only able to test to the level of the person(s) creating the tests. To date, no mechanism has been developed to gauge the intelligence of a person who has more raw intelligence than the person grading the examination. Anyone who provides a correct answer which is not represented in the rubic has such answer marked as incorrect.

No, this is not a matter of irritation. Patience, although far from a virtue, is in great supply. The likelihood I will expend it on those outside my progeny and innermost social circle is the equivalent of the likelihood I will be killed by a meteor. In this I share the most commonality with the human race, the single most impatient species in known existence.

No, it is not a matter of infallibility. I have made my fair share of mistakes plus a few for good measure and the strictest adherence to the scientific method. I am not perfect.

What is it exactly?

  • It is a lack of middle ground.
  • It is a world filled to brimming with splinter skills and a resounding propensity to ostracize those with opposing splinter skills.
  • It is a fundamental lack of understanding and the absolutely absent desire to understand.
  • It is a complacency which surpasses the laws of inertia and perfuses daily life masquerading as contentment and satisfaction.
  • It is the celebration of mediocrity by marginalizing those of extraordinary talent.
  • It is the persecution of ambition.
  • It is the rote activities designed and marketed as true exhibitions of individuality. 
  • It is the intellectual dishonesty necessary to homogenize societies who protest the perceived suppression of their group dynamic by pressing it upon other homogenized societies under the guise of progress.
  • It is the hubris of the malevolently pervasive belief the best, least fallible decisions are made by those with the most money or groupies or both.
  • It is the lemming dynamic.
  • It is the overt love affair with zombies spawned by a deep sense of familial camaraderie.
  • It is the insistence on keeping score when everyone wins a trophy anyway.
  • It is the idolatry of stupidity showcased on the small screen before it is sent to syndication.
  • It is the reduction of circumferential distance to the nanoseconds necessary to send a message and the despondency induced by it failing to get an immediate response.
  • It is the ego necessary to abandon altruism under the auspices self-care is paramount and its failing is tantamount to species annihilation, specifically the species to which the one belongs.
  • It is the celebration of the most gratuitous of talents whilst overshadowing those with concrete talents strictly because the specious talents are identifiable to the largest contingent.
  • It is the lowest common denominator become the only common denominator.
  • It is the impenetrable cloak of friendship which holds the most intimate secrets close to the vest, never to be shared with anyone but a disinterested stranger, either in passing or by employ.  
  • It is the apologist eulogies, delivered with grief-stricken, tearful conviction the elapsed time between last contact and date of death was the blink of an eye instead of decades of fleeting wonderings never followed upon with action.
  • It is the compulsion to have beyond all need and in excess of all desire long after the feasible time such dreams could be brought to fruition.
  • It is the lamenting of immediate, logical, fitting consequences by those who believe themselves unpunishable for their actions and deserved of tender aftercare.
  • It is the unqualified, indiscriminate use of reproduction as a hobby, acts of self-aggrandizement and an entitlement.
  • It is the belief the first breath after birth imbues each body with all the necessary skills to navigate a world full of self-annihilators.
  • It is the wholesale lying to generation after generation about the bases and fundamental definitions of charity, reward and punishment, leading to entitlement masked with name “rights”.
  • It is the notion thoughts are as valuable as action, so much so the two are interchangeable and lauded to the same degree, especially the unqualified belief in the admissions of having thoughts at all.
  • It is the gluttony which rewards any behavior above the nadir of mediocrity.
  • It is the relentless, rhythmic refrain of the untenable victory anthem of abject superiority over every domain.
  • It is speed at which bravery is forgotten in the moment life shimmers from the body.
  • It is the loss of elders’ knowledge because the young are convinced they are able to surpass all which came before them.
  • It is a brazen lack of humility.
  • It is the calculation of worth based on the convenience one creates for the scurrying masses.
  • It is calendars stuffed to bursting with activities unworthy of memory and lacking influence.

It is the perpetuation of all of these, and the willful blindness to its detrimental effect on all those who do not endorse or practice any of it.

Have you ever wanted to divorce the human race? To which on the list do you not subscribe (or subscribe if that list is shorter)?

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  1. Yes I have often wanted to divorce the human race and I can’t figure one of these on this list I do not subscribe to.

    Testify sister!

    much love


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