Dear Small Business Owner

These people make the economy really work.

Dear Small Business Owner,

You asked for me email, which I must admit I was not so certain I wanted to give you. Why? you ask. Well, not everyone is quite so scrupulous as you. Let me explain.

Somewhere in the sea of SEO experts came the email list makers. The number one thing every business needed to do was document all their clients on an email list. Think of all you can do with it!

  • Send newsletters
  • Announce sales
  • Target new clients
  • Keep your name visible
  • Make more money!!!

I could abide the monthly, and sometimes even the weekly newsletter. Someone at your place is being paid to create it. Tell me if something which goes with what I bought is on sale.

Ask me to share it with others who may also be interested? We are bordering harassment now. I remember you and have no need to see your name and what you want to share e.v.e.r.y. d.a.y. If I did, I would subscribe to your social media page(s).

See, it was the very last one on the list which is the absolute worst. The innocent internet user may think this means more sales. What it actually means is selling the list of email addresses to someone else who markets (to you, for you, complementary items). You get dollars; I get spam… by the thousands of emails. The person to whom the list sells is not obligated to respect privacy and can recoup the money by selling the list innumerable times.

Whilst you are emailing me surveys to see if your employees (all three of them) are performing up to scratch, I am willing to help you help your customers. If you are sending the standard “big business” Monkey survey to tell you how your website is ideal, be prepared for the “Other” box to be full to brimming with complaints.

If you bought the “big business” automated email which sends every time I engage your website or customer service, and the average problem takes three or more interactions, I will answer all three only so your automatically processed results suffer. Every last question will result in the lowest possible score.

“Big business” saves money by letting me do the work it should have hired an auditor to do, which is not helping the economy. You I am willing to help because your profits are buying locally, employing locally and making life in our community better.

Thank you,

Red Signature

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