Flash in the Pan

Nathaniel stepped gingerly into the darkened office. The presence was palpable, like static electricity in the air.

He heard a crash. His heart pounded. Maddie stepped out of the tiny kitchen and flicked on the hall light.

“Don’t be frightened, Nathan. It is only little me bumbling to make coffee. It is freezing outside. Where’s your jacket?”

He remembered. Instead, he thought up a plausible lie for absolutely no reason other than because he could.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This week’s word is frightened. Today’s flash comes in on the nose at 75 words, the upper limit for January.

Admission: I cheated a bit with this flash. Nathaniel Elias and Maddie are characters from my book, Darkness Introduced. There you will find out why Nathan has no reason to lie to Maddie. I will give you this tidbit: Maddie is definitely not Nathaniel’s wife.

If you would like to join in the flash fiction challenge for the spring quarter, grab the Flash in the Pan page from the lower menu bar. The whys and wherefores are listed there. This quarter’s theme is off to a running start. On opening day, two flashes were already awaiting the new book in the SIB.

Get as many as you can, in whichever order you like, just be sure to do it before 31MAR13, since that is the deadline for closing the third edition of FTP. Be sure to catch the Hot Flash words out at the beginning of each month. They will be in addition to the weekly words and carry a 50 word maximum.

Stop by and pick up a copy of the first edition at the RedmundPro Book Store. The second edition will be out in just a couple weeks. A fairy we all know and love seems to be certain the early birds may get one sooner.

Happy Flashing!

Where did Nathaniel leave his jacket? Why would be lie to her? Who is Maddie? Have you gotten a copy of Darkness Introduced? Are you flashing this quarter?

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  1. No cheating, Red. I’ll be back to read more.

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