Going Broke for Charity

It is one thing to give to charity. It is something else entirely to give someone else’s money to charity. What do you have to lose?

It is the time of year Bearman turns his pockets out for some awesome charities. The only way for him meet his challenge is to spread the word. There is no virus-laden place to click and no spamming of friends. Do you want to challenge Bearman’s calculator?

charity bearman

Click on the picture and go see where we are going to be spending Bearman’s money. I am doing him dirty because I have already mentioned him in another blog post, so I tried my hand at putting his avatar in a web comic. Do not laugh. I never once claimed to be good at it.

Quality aside, I am doing my part to spread the word for doing good works with others’ money. If Bearman is not already on your email subscription list or in your circles, get over to his place and get busy.

Cheers, Bearman! I may have a few more tricks up my sleeve before this one is done.

Are you a Bearmaniac?

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  1. I fully endorse breaking Bearman!
    Binky recently posted..The Ultimate ShaveMy Profile

  2. GO Bearman 🙂
    Noeleen recently posted..Tracy in The DarkMy Profile

  3. Have already added his toon to my sidebar, perhaps I should add some text to insure people click and do more!
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Everything is not YouMy Profile

  4. More power to Bearman. How long does this challenge last?
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – ParboiledMy Profile

  5. That is awesome!! I love the image. Empty those pockets!!

  6. Yes everyone, do keep lifting those notes out of Bearman’s pockets, he is so very kind of course but we still want his money 🙂 lol

    Give it away everyone, he has a big heart and a really big, wait for it… A really big wallet also 🙂

    Well done Bearman you are a star 🙂


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