What Century Is It?

If the list of benefits includes: safety, saving money, eco-friendly, speed, and more convenience…Will you choose to MAD? It is time to Make A Difference.


Do you want to become a statistic? Read and decide if you are already a statistic…

701 Million

Almost 5 pieces of mail are delivered everyday to more than 146 million addresses.

Mail Theft

is the fastest growing robbery crime and the number one identity theft crime.


Monthly cost of postage to pay bills by mail in an average American household. This does not include the price of gasoline to drive to the post office for said stamps.


Number of hours spent monthly to open bills, write checks, record balances, stuff envelopes, secure (or purchase) postage, deliver to mailbox, post office or creditor.

Are you already a statistic?

Better Way

Online bill pay has a plethora of advantages over the lick and stick method. (Lick the envelope and stick it in the mailbox.)

Safety: Typical levels of security for online bill pay portals include:

  • Password protection set by user and inaccessible by customer service agents
  • 128-bit encryption of information
  • More than one level of authentication
  • 100% protection against fraud

The mailbox has no such protection or guarantees.

Saving Money: $6 and a few gallons of gasoline are not a terrific incentive to pay online, but it is only a drop in the bucket.

1. Reducing the amount of outgoing mail from your creditors keeps overhead lower for them, savings which is reflected in your bills, transaction fees and interest rates.

2. Online monitoring of accounts reduces loss (saving money and time) in the event of identity theft by quickly identifying fraudulent activity.

3. Many companies, especially automobile insurers, offer a discount for customers who use automatic draft or online bill pay. Some as high as 5%.

It is expensive.

4. Checks are expensive. Checks can be as high as $14.95 per box.

Eco-friendly: Viewing and paying bills online would save 18.5 million trees per year.

Speed: Bills paid online are credited immediately or the following business day. Electronic funds transfers (EFT) mean no waiting for the creditor to process your payment, no waiting for the check to clear the bank, no waiting for your account to be in good standing or restored. No checks getting lost in the mail means your payments will be on time every time. No late fees.

If you think you will have a hard time remembering to check your email for the bills, set them to draft from your account automatically.

Convenience: One of the clichés, but very true, of the Internet is being able to operate it in your pajamas. Paying bills takes only a few clicks. No driving. No make up. No pants. No check writing or checkbook balancing. Did you know many bills download to your money management software?

When you bank and bill pay online, you can get your account balance via Internet from anywhere… day or night. No more customer service hours or inputting your 16-digit credit card number, and CCV, and expiration date, and PIN… Are you adding up what you are saving in terms of carpal tunnel?

You have better control of your accounts and expenses because you can access them all the time.

This all translates to less stress!

Make A Difference

Stop throwing away money, time and hair. Take the steps.

1. Go to your bank’s website.

2. Click on Online Banking. Set up your account and click on Online Bill Pay. Follow the instructions to pay your bills.

3. Register for E-Banking. Stop receiving paper statements. You can access them for up to seven years (with select financial institutions) and print them as needed. You can now:

  • View statements.
  • Monitor pending transactions.
  • Check balances.
  • Transfer funds.
  • Pay bills.
  • Apply for loans.
  • Research and/or buy other financial instruments.

You do not have to wait for a branch to be open on your day off. No waiting in line for a banker. No waiting for a teller. You are in complete control of the transactions.

4. If your creditor does not work with your bank, repeat these steps at the creditor’s website. You can do this for your insurer, credit card company, utility providers and more. Stop them from sending bills through the mail.

You DO Make A Difference!

5. If you are not able to set it up online, call the customer service number for your creditor. Set up automatic drafts on the telephone.

You do MAD!

Make your mark on the planet by saving money, gasoline, trees, time and stress. Sign up for online banking and online bill pay. You DO Make A Difference!


Are you a statistic? Do you do your banking and bill paying online? Do you still write checks for bills? Are you enrolled in e-billing? Would you start today?

Want to use your savings to help you build an emergency fund?

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  1. Banks love it too because once you are entrenched in their online bill pay you are less likely to switch banks
    Bearman recently posted..Editorial Cartoon: Mitt Romney IndecisiveMy Profile

    • I do not mind the “inconvenience” of going to my creditors’ sites to pay. As for being loyal to a bank, I cannot say bill pay is a reason to stay. It is so easy to set up, and it is a one and done venture. I really think banks blow, personally, but I love the convenience of paying bills without even knowing when they are due.

  2. Yes to everything Red, it makes a lot of sense to be in control, I mean what is the point in technology if we live the life of the Dinosaur? 🙁

    Have a great time away from M3 but don’t take too long in coming back, or else? 😉 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • I hate it about where I live. The majority of things here require cash or to write a check, which I do so infrequently my checks have the wrong address and I have lived here seven years….I still have not written that many checks! Despise the entire affair. I rarely carry cash, and when I do it is for places like flea markets and to buy trinkets for the children.

  3. As andro said ………….
    no dinosaur world ………
    Yes pls come back soon
    and Thanks for everything –
    Love and respect
    Cat Forsley recently posted..Always Immersed . Cat Forsley ©My Profile

  4. My girl prefers paper.
    There is an unalterable copy, and while mailboxes are less secure, there have been such a high frequency of network incursions and data thefts, that I’m inclined to agree with her.
    El Guapo recently posted..A Literary Limerick – Order Of The PhoenixMy Profile

    • Ah, but Guapo, that is the same argument used against flying. The frequency with which data theft is reported is far in excess of reports of mail theft. Frankly, I have only heard of two mail thefts via news outlets, and they were both at the postal facility. In fact, mail theft is reported every single day. I have been a victim of mail theft four times already. As to having a copy, it is cheaper to print your own copy. 😉

  5. Hi hun! 🙂

    You are preaching to the converted! 🙂

    I pay my utility bills by direct debit and only pay my rent at the Post Office because it works out better than doing it by D.D – though this is due to change apparently! 🙂

    If things go as expected then I’ll have to change to Bank-only cash operations as our Post Office is a loss maker…

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Thursday – quiet day.My Profile

  6. Online banking is really easy to set up too. I like posts with stats in them, I wonder if that is just me…

  7. I love statistics. The posts are fun to write as well 😉 Good to see you, Christy {HUGZ}
    Red recently posted..MoroffsMy Profile

  8. I am getting ready to make a move from one of the Big Banks to a local Credit Union, I dread the transition since I have been doing this for years now. I suspect the first month will blow hard, certain I will miss at least one or two.

    I love the convenience of autopay though.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Generations LostMy Profile

    • I would not trade it for the world. So much easier than all the other alternatives. Little piece of advice? Make yourself a list of who is paid from where before the switch…that way you do not forget anyone.

  9. We do everything online we can, but more for convenience than any burning need to save trees. If we save a few trees in the process, I’m good with that 🙂
    Angela Young recently posted..Generosity continuedMy Profile

    • I am content with the fuel which is saved hauling around the paper which I will just throw away when it gets here. I have one bill which I cannot pay online and it drives me to distraction. I hate getting the bill and worse having to send it back. Everything else is paid online.

  10. I saw today that some postal workers were going on a hunger strike due to downsizing. I think all that will do is make some postal workers hungry because there just is less need for mail these days.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..A Wise MoveMy Profile

    • Mail was so abused in the last 25 years. The postal system gets a bad rap, though. They are completely self-contained, but have refused to adapt with the times. I continue to sign petitions for the service to be dropped to three to five days per week instead of six. I have absolutely no need for mail on Saturday, or Monday, or for that matter any day which ends in Y.


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