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What Century Is It?

If the list of benefits includes: safety, saving money, eco-friendly, speed, and more convenience…Will you choose to MAD? It is time to Make A Difference.

Never Put This on Your Credit Card

Part VIII of the Credit Card Series: Start at the beginning if you missed a part. This is the end of this series.

Saving Money in Your Kitchen

dish towel and cloths

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it is the most expensive room in the house. Look in your kitchen trashcan to see if there is a hole in your wallet.

Saving Money in the Bathroom

flushing toilet

How much money is going down the drain or in the trash basket?

Saving Money With Your Air Conditioner

$100 bill back american dollars

Air conditioning chews up 70% of the average electric bill.  Make yours take a smaller bite.