Cat on the Birth of Friendship

When I asked for guest posters for this week, Cat of Cat Forsley was quick to volunteer. Today, you get a taste of her free form poetry and a picture she created to go with the poem on How are friendships born? And you get to hear it in her own sweet voice! Press play on the soundtrack and read along with Cat…

How are Friendships born?

They are born like every other beautiful thing in the world.


Friendships are born through water -air -earth -fire and sun.

Friendships are kindled by similar passions.

Friendships are born like flowers-

a full field of daisies with their leaves connected.

They may not see they are connected at first…

These are the friendships that last forever.

Born of Sun and Water and Earth,

Heads tilted up at the sky in wonder at the magnificent array of stars in the sky.

Friendships are made by hearts that yearn to be heard and listened to, by the same kind of voice.

There is always synchronicity in the mix

added there by angels or sheer points of light in the sky.

Connect the dots

for we are all dots

yet we are much more

when a friend becomes

more than just a friend:

A part of our hearts.

A True Friend Lives in The Heart

and is carried and lifted –

Through Good times and bad …

With a deep Knowing that The Heart will be heard.

Some back away from connecting

The Heart way.

Because at times – people become too close and then began to feel, with empathy and wish

What Their friend is Going through.

Never think that this kind of compassion and kindness goes unnoticed.

It is noticed.

More than that.

I imagine hands touching hearts all over the world .

I imagine fingers knotted together,

Voices echoing with laughter and candour.

If You Love someone – tell them!

Our lives are so short here…

There is no time to waste.

In love – there is friendship

and in friendship – inevitable love.

How are friendships born?

They are Born and They grow like tall flowers –

meeting one another on the path of life.

They Bow their petals when They meet – because sometimes – just sometimes – They feel as though they have known one another – forever and a year .

cat forsley ©


Thank you to Cat for bringing today’s post to M3. I am glad you stopped by to give us this heartfelt look at (and listen to!) friendship.

M3 Readers, let Cat know what you think! Be sure to stop by her space after you comment. And you know, as always…I have a question…or three.

How do you know when friendship is sparked? Can you tell when it turns the corner from a casual friend to a lifetime friend? Have you ever met someone you instantly felt you had known your entire life?

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Poem and graphic (c) Cat Forsley
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  1. Beautiful… Really truly beautiful. 🙂
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..What Do We Do? Mid-Afternoon Mental MomentMy Profile

  2. Cat already knows what I think of this fine offering of friendship, indeed she is such a talented young woman with an appeal that strengthens the inner thought processes of everyone that visits her website.

    I would recommend that every person that reads this one takes a journey into Cat’s world of blogging where you will find a delightfully friendly and invigorating cheerfulness that will last for your entire day.

    Well, what are you waiting for, get over there pronto 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Beautiful. The perfect poem to share with a special friend.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Father’s Day Appreciation DayMy Profile

  4. Well said but made me melancholy. Close friends from over the years have just evaporated and I don’t know why or how. People come into our lives and go out of the circle as well.

    • You have touched on where the series is headed next week. People do slip into the mist. Good to see you today, Carl.

  5. That was marvelous! Though I am late in reading and listening (sorry) I am so happy I finally made it over.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Generations LostMy Profile

  6. Friendship of that kind is rare. I don’t let people take that place easily, but once they’re in, it’s for life. I have friends who I don’t see for long spells, but when we see each other, it’s as if there was no break. Like breathing…. I lost my best friend, my momma, 6 (?) years ago Amanda my other best friend 2 years ago. Still looking for that kind of friend, but I don’t know that I will ever replace those two relationships. I am working on making others though. Good post, cat
    Angela Young recently posted..Generosity continuedMy Profile

  7. This was a very beautiful presentation…I know Cat and am aware of her beautiful singing voice, but her speaking voice is just as lovely. As you mentioned, Red, friends do slip into the mist, and sometimes the reason is nowhere to be found. I am happy to say I have one friend from 4th grade (40 years ago) that has remained on my radar. We don’t live close-by, but do occasionally get together and it’s as though we saw each other yesterday. We were in each others weddings, as well. I’ve managed to keep a few friendships from high school, too, but others have diminished. Once I had children, I made friends with Mom’s of their friends…however, when their friendships ended, so did mine. I think that’s inevitable, but only speaking from my experience. It’s hard to sustain a relationship when the kids don’t hang out anymore. Acquaintances are easy to make, but true good friends aren’t as frequent, so it’s important to hold onto those we do have. Wonderful post, Red, thanks for sharing our amazing “CAT!” 🙂
    LScott recently posted..Blog Award Appreciation ♥My Profile

    • I think you are right about the parent/children thing. I know I do not invest as much of myself in the relationships which are primarily child-oriented, as I know when the little friendship breaks apart, it strains the big relationship to the point of breaking. You basically have to sneak around behind your children’s back or hire a nanny to visit your friend.

      I love you have a friend from elementary school! So very cool. My mother has recently reconnected with some of the children I went to high school with, and she did her usual dance of …you know she lives out of state in her show, right?…routine. *snickers* Great to see you tonight, Lauren 😉

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