Musician Spotlight: Monti Rock

The M3 Coffee Shoppe is thumping with Monti Rock! Pioneer of two new genres of music, Monti Rock gave M3 the inside scoop, with quite a few laughs, into his world of bass and his album Koncepts.

M3: Let’s start with an introduction for the M3 Readers.

MR: I am Monti Rock, The Ultimate Bass Technician, a 38-year-old electronic musician currently residing in Tacoma, Washington and the creator of the Hindi Bass and Arkade sub-genre.

M3: How did you start in the industry?

MR: Actually I didn’t start in the industry… music had been in my life since I was young.  At the time, it was hard to get into if you didn’t know who to go to.  Thank goodness time has changed.

M3: Should the M3 Readers care about your day job?

MR: Yeah, because if I don’t have a day job, I wouldn’t be able to make the album… unless I wire a cardboard box for electricity when I’m homeless! BWAHAHAHA!

M3: Got some advice you would tell a newbie?

MR: Yeah, loads… Even though technology has made things a lot simpler… you still need to practice, practice and practice.  I seriously started learning on my own in 1996.  This doesn’t happen overnight.

M3: Why do you go on hiatus?

MR: Usually because of job issues… or when I come across a creative brick wall. That’s usually a sign to chill out a bit.

M3: Is this work close to your heart?

MR: To be honest…naw. To be blunt… this is one of the only things I have.  I don’t have much, and I’ve been through a lot over the past few years, and this is one of a few outlets I can feel I can express myself.

M3: What makes Koncepts different from the rest of the pack?

MR: Not just the sound, but I wanted to show Bass music isn’t about brainless lyrics and the similar type beats. I want the world to know that Bass music–not just Miami Bass— could be when mixed with Jazz and other established genres, while I introduce some to Jungle.  More importantly, I don’t like to sound like anybody else, I try to be as different as I can get.

M3: How do you feel like your colleagues in the Bass industry?

MR: That’s a good question. That depends on the individual and the genre.  In the Bass Music Clique–or rather Miami Bass– with the exception of a couple of people, I have no feelings for them.  In the more general Electronic Music scene, I think a lot of them are pretty cool and helpful.  But even THEN…

M3: Any bone to pick with the industry?

MR: Actually, more with the major record labels, which are now just going to be two mega groups. Seriously.  Just die… the old way of business is dead.

M3: What can M3 Readers look forward to from Monti Rock?

MR: I’m working on my second album, Leaving Basslands: The Journey Continues, and also a special EP called Hindi Boooom, highlighting a subgenre I created: Hindi Bass

M3: In 15 words or less, why should M3 Readers buy your album?

MR: I bring Bass music and now Jungle in a totally different way than the norm.


Dear M3 Readers,

Take a scroll through Monti Rock’s album and tracks to experience new music. Stop by the Basslands’ page and make yourself at home getting the latest news. UK fans can visit Track It Down for Monti Rock’s signature brand music.

Thank you for spending some time with the M3 Coffee Shoppe’s founding musician.



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  1. Does he have and gigs planned in the Puget Sound area? Being he’s a local boy it might be fun to catch a show.

  2. Actually no… I don’t have the equipment yet to perform… hopefully this year…:(

  3. It’s a good thing I had my subwoofer set to about 40% power when listening to a couple of his songs. Nice find, Red! Hope he does well with his new EP! Great sound!


    • Thanks! The second album is doing well.. I will be finished with initial production by the end of the month… and by March, I will be finish putting the finishing touches. So far it’s looking like June will be the release date.


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