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Detour And Back

Based on the growth of our audience, we are not going to begin the next series with this post. There is far too much information to process based on the Talk Tuesday conversation. As always, you have provided some amazing material for me to research and digest into palatable pieces. We shall not, however, have […]

Musician Spotlight: Come Back Buddy

The original roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll are blaring in the Coffee Shoppe this week with M3’s feature: Come Back Buddy. Red took Mike Randall (lead vocals, guitar) to the side to ask a few questions about the band, the music, A White Sport Coat and what it in the works. She kept a grin […]

Musician Spotlight: Monti Rock

The M3 Coffee Shoppe is thumping with Monti Rock! Pioneer of two new genres of music, Monti Rock gave M3 the inside scoop, with quite a few laughs, into his world of bass and his album Koncepts. M3: Let’s start with an introduction for the M3 Readers. MR: I am Monti Rock, The Ultimate Bass Technician, […]