Prompt: It Needs a Drive-Thru

Chevrolet Silverado

With lots of clearance

In a 24/7 culture, one would reasonably presume all businesses would be convenient for their customers. In reality, this concept suffers in practice. A good way to bridge the gap would be for some businesses to simply install a drive thru window.

1. The Grocer

Apps the world over are making lists. Grocers are producing apps so you can shop by aisle to speed your trip. Let’s go one step further.

Let the clerk who has no concept how to find the expiration date at the top of a coupon grab a cart and put my 9 items into bags. I pay for all sorts of things with my tele now. List, pay, receive a text with the confirmed pick up time. Voila! No more trollies with one flapping, flat wheel.

2. The Hardware Store

nuts and boltsSince it is impossible to find anything in the hardware without a clerk in the first place, why not let them just bundle the items in the first place and save yourself the headache of explaining it to three people before someone says…

“Oh, well, it is right here!” (fourteen aisles in the opposite direction from where the last clerk took you)

Lumber custom cut. The right fasteners the first time. Blades which match the saw you bought the last time you shopped here. The correct filters for your air conditioning.

Stop using my buying history to market things I do not need, and see to it I get the right item the first time.

3. The Donation Place

While some donation sites do have a drop off point, most of them require you park in a lot (400 yards from the door) and tote your items they will turn around and sell (some for profit). You are literally doing the bulk of the work.

You buy it.

You bring it.

You carry it.

Put in a drive thru. I can pull up and hand you the items. For bulk items, have a bay with staff to help me heft it. I am charitable, but I cannot always lift the things I would gladly donate.


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Which business needs a drive thru to make your life easier?

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  1. Chocolate factories. Cut out the unnecessary middlemen.

  2. Though I like the idea, especially the one for chocolate, what you ask will never happen again. Yep, mini-rant…

    You’re talking customer service, and that costs money to provide. Since it’s all about profit in today’s world, businesses will now do anything at all to keep from having to provide that service, because it cuts into the bottom line. Hell, they don’t even want to talk to us on the phone…

    Rant over, I think a drive-through massage parlor would make my life easier; not sure how that would work, but, hey….


    • Bwahaha! Methinks it would be a logistic nightmare. Delivery service, perhaps, but then you run into the fools who believe they can legislate morality… You reach my favorite hashtag: #customerserviceisdead

  3. Here in the UK we have a frozen food supermarket called ‘Iceland’ which I haunt.

    You choose your purchases, they pack them into bags and then they deliver a few hours later! 🙂

    Cuts out all the struggling and pain!!! 🙂

    I’ve been going there for years and know most of the old staff by name! 🙂

    God Bless! 🙂


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