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Prompt: It Needs a Drive-Thru

Chevrolet Silverado

In a 24/7 culture, one would reasonably presume all businesses would be convenient for their customers. In reality, this concept suffers in practice. A good way to bridge the gap would be for some businesses to simply install a drive thru window.

Oh, where, oh, where…

It this just not an awesome graph?  

Glad to be Insured

Anyone who owns a vehicle or a home knows the comfort, even when inconvenient, insurance provides. Most of us live where insurance on automobiles is a requirement for licensure. I live in one such state.

No Daddy Follies

The stupidest inbox in the blogosphere held (more than one) email from the largest web host on the planet. We are going to venture into why this is the largest misnomer, other corporate shenanigans and Red’s typical response to it all. Take your Dramamine, put the drink out of the way and let’s get the […]

Muse for Monday

With all of the customer service issues over the weekend, Mantra decided to get in on the game as well. She is such a cheeky wench.