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Prompt: Stripper Songs


Memes the internet over proclaim every woman has at least one song which turn her instantly into a stripper. Never fear, guys have songs which make their clothes fall off, too. How about five?

5. Le plaisir sans amour.

4. Yes, she is.

3. Of course I am. Equality, don’t you know?

2. Install a triple pole.

1. I don’t believe in fairy tales.


(Uncensored version here.)

If you would like to add to the official M3 playlist, it is called “Reminds Me of Red“. Leave a link to the song you would like to add in the comments.

Will you join me on a Month of Prompts? Grab the picture. Link to the page. It will be a fun ride!

What song summons your inner stripper?

Hashtags: #writingprompts #amwriting #MonthofPrompts

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  1. I must be more visually oriented in my perceptive preferences; none of those songs did much for me, though most of the dancers did…

    I’ve heard it said that to stimulate a woman, a man must show romance, shower her with gifts, and promise her the moon. To excite a man, the woman needs to show up. I doubt it’s that simple, but, generally, a willing demeanor and a happy face is all it takes for me…

    Though I consider myself a complex person, I guess, at the core, I’m still just a simple guy….



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