The Empty Stage

I have come to realize I do not exist.

To support this conclusion just look at the facts.

1. I cannot see my own reflection. For all the mirrors I own, I can pass them and never know how I look to the average passerby, who always see things I miss, even under close examination.

number 2I cannot see my own reflection. Dedicated to saving the world, in a non-beauty-queen way. I spend my days trying to elucidate the myriad ways we allow ourselves to be abused by those who are inferior. To me, world peace is achieved when inferiority is hit head-on. Shining a Q-beam on inanity in its various and sundry forms keeps people from swallowing the pill which renders them mindless and spineless.

Do not be offended. I have swallowed my fair share of pills. (It will be a feature in May.) I want to stop everyone I know from even holding the pretty pill between finger and thumb.

Day after day, I watch people I care deeply about swallow them by the handful in the name of loneliness, dogma, religion, marriage, family, honor, love, tradition and fear.

3. I cannot see my own reflection. I read a bit of the millions of words to my credit and see the people who have crossed my path. Regardless of how often or much I write what I always believed was common sense, at the end of the paragraph, I never see myself — not penning, not posting, not sharing, not even seeing myself in need of what I wrote — excepting only the rants.

I own those inside and out. Still, they are nothing but bluster. They provide nothing edifying, which is the reason I write. If I am not hitting the mark, I do not exist.

Is it better to admit one only exists in another’s dream or admit one does not exist at all?

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  1. Oh forgot to click the follow up comments button 🙂 Have a Brill week .. xxx <3
    Sue Dreamwalker recently posted..Journey Within ~PoemMy Profile

  2. After carefully navigating several slippery slopes, upon which following this line of thought led me to slide for a time, I decided, if I must choose, I’d choose the latter, if only to assuage my own illusion/delusion, that I do exist….

    Then, like Descartes said, “I think not”, and disappeared, I lost the train of thought….

    SIGH… more whiskey, please…


  3. I was going to say it’s better to admit only in ones dream..on second thought, maybe it’s one does not exist at all..
    But I don’t really know.
    I love you <3


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