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Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays. It is the day set aside to celebrate the hard work which makes our country produce food, services, products and ideas.

If you got the chance to take part in Labor Sunday, you celebrated a tradition falling from public view in more modern times. Traditionally, Labor Sunday is set aside to celebrate the educational and religious contributions to the GNP.

On Monday, some people roll out of bed for the morning parades and the speeches. Many are not so concerned with the organized merry making, opting instead to celebrate the end of summer with last minute family vacations or retreats before the summer recess is over.

The great American love of barbecue is courted. Families enjoy picnics and parties. Voyeurs and pyromaniacs alike share in the delight of fireworks come nightfall.

Join Mantra in a look into the American celebration of the hard working American labor force.

Town Celebration

A vibrant flag waves in the breeze.
The sound of popping canvas
Puts a playful cadence in the air.
Children play on the sprawling lawn
At the feet of soapstone statues.
Blankets are spread out here and there.
Sundressed social butterflies
Tango and waltz sidewalks with ease.

Men toss balls back and forth with sons,
Careful of cars parked on the drive.
Soft billowing smoke curls around
The bandstand, mixing with music.
It’s nearly time to gather ’round
For the mayor’s speech to the town.
Barbecue smiles pant oohs and aahs
For fireworks. Labor Day’s done.



How do you celebrate Labor Day? Are you celebrating your own labor? 

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!
Bear, Red & all the cubs.

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