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Prompt: Create A Holiday

holiday ecard

With thousands of holidays cluttering a calendar with only 365 days, finding a celebratory cause which was not already claimed was a mite tough.


Cap and Gown

Our society has a load of events in which we engage in group behavior which psychologically changes us in subtle ways. Some we scoff as celebrations of mediocrity because of their ubiquity, but many are milestones which have longstanding benefits. One is graduation.

Dear Valentine

Fractal Art Red Dwyer

You know I hate Hallmark Day. Still…



I am not sorry to see 2014 go into the record book. Still, there are reasons to celebrate.

Saturday Evening Post

Labor Day Quote

Got a moment for me? Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The heat is at bay enough to be bearable. Let’s talk.