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Have you ever waited for someone? Not just the waiting on a sidewalk or in an alfresco, but truly waited?

Simply titled Here & There, this poem speaks physically, mentally and metaphorically about being separated from the one you love. Distance is an easy separation to pinpoint. Merely miles between bodies — easily measured. Not so easily measured are the separations mentally. One partner is ready to commit and the other, not so much.

Knowledge can be a barrier between two people. Is it something one knows and the other refuses to admit? Faith can be this way as well. What of maturity?

Perhaps, it is society separating these two. Maybe, it is something else entirely. It is time for you to decide. Are you here or there?

Here & There

Are you there?
I ask you this
Because I am here.
I have waited,
And trusted,
But now I fear
You will forever
Be there while
I am here.

Once we had
Our little place,
Just us two.
But I left,
I had to go
Without you.
I am lonely,
But I know
What to do.

It is not
To come to you,
But, instead, go
Forward alone
Triumphant again.
So you can know
I am true
And real and
Finally show

How much I love,
Cherish, adore,
Desire and need
You in my life.
My heart to hold.
My desire to feed.
My love to keep.
My mind to hear.
From the mustard seed,

Has grown the faith
You will be here,
Yet not in haste.
Until then I dream
Of your strong arm
Snaked ‘round my waist,
And your gentle
Kiss I again
Long to taste.

Caress me softly,
When first you
Beside me appear.
Gaze deeply into
My soul the moment
You are here.
I am waiting
For you,
My dear.



How can moving forward without someone show your love? Have you ever been here or there? What are some of the concepts which get in between lovers? What is the separation in this poem?

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  1. If you cannot get off this page by clicking something here, let me know, please.

  2. Lovely poem Red. I am waiting for Michelle. She’s in the kitchen making a coffee
    Tony McGurk recently posted..Talking BearMy Profile

  3. Important poem, Red. Moving on is one of the fine arts missing in today’s society. Instead, people think they own each other, are owed something, have no concept of moving on and making new lives, and fall down and cry for the rest of their lives. It is sad. The act of moving on is self-enabling POWER. “:)
    raymond alexander kukkee recently posted..Seceding from the United States of America to join Chinada?My Profile

    • I agree. Being able to stand in one’s own shoes and move them in any direction away is powerful.

  4. I am waiting for someone who I love very dearly. He is a college grad and will soon be 31. He continues to work minimum wage jobs, no med ins, no pension so he can smoke weed-no piss test. There is no more discussion. All I can do is pray, continue to wait and remain an example as I am 10 years, 8 months clean and sober. The waiting really hurts.

    • The waiting we do as parents is far harder than any other. Affection we can get satisfaction elsewhere as a substitute. Seeing our children learn their own lessons has no such substitute. Peace.

  5. This poem, paints a lovely picture–it sounds like such young and innocent love…
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan: CornerMy Profile

    • Now that you say that, I can see the “off to college” in it. Great to see you tonight!

  6. Hello Red,

    Sweet poem with a bit of sad longing.

    Hoping I’m back from my absence…

    MJ Logan recently posted..LightMy Profile

  7. I have this one marked… it is one of my favorites but one that hits me and is poignant and stirs up ..stuff…
    much stuff. I like how open it is here and the thingy on the bottom..whats that? 🙂
    Lotsa Love
    Lizzie <3
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Back to Basics; Mid-Afternoon Mental MomentMy Profile

    • All new sharing tools. Everything from bookmark the page to print it. I was tired of the hodgepodge and with the, ahem, derailment earlier, I went with one by someone who is not using my shares to their advantage 😉 I even tweaked the CSS in the footer to display M3’s mini logo 😉

      Glad you like this one. Care to share what era the “stuff” is from…since Tess says it reminds her of young love? <3

      • a past life of recent .. I think its ..real love. the ability to care for their happiness – no matter what happens.. even if its not with you… even if you think they are wrong.. or have hurt you.. real love transcends that.. yet is always yearning if not fufilled. just in a different way.. I guess..

        ♥ Lizzie
        sorry didn;t see this earlier …
        Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Romantic Monday Horizon View; The Long TripMy Profile

  8. I love this one, too, Red. I wait for the time when my love can speak his fears. I am here, speaking my fears, my dreams, my vulnerability. He is there, thinking I need him to be invulnerable and strong. I am here waiting for his full humanity. He is there, holding it close to the vest.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – Anaphoric RideMy Profile

    • Sounds like you need a bullhorn or need to move in the neighborhood. We need to talk! <3 xxx

  9. I often wait for a particular person even though there’s no distance between us. It’s a distance of a different kind, and I wait for clues, or for some kind of evolution. It’s actually less painful than the kind of waiting you’re talking about which is an ache and a longing. What I’m talking about is almost just being resolved to accept it will never happen. Oops, that sounded pessimistic lol sorry
    Sage Doyle recently posted..“Breath”My Profile

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