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Have you ever waited for someone? Not just the waiting on a sidewalk or in an alfresco, but truly waited?

Simply titled Here & There, this poem speaks physically, mentally and metaphorically about being separated from the one you love. Distance is an easy separation to pinpoint. Merely miles between bodies — easily measured. Not so easily measured are the separations mentally. One partner is ready to commit and the other, not so much.

Knowledge can be a barrier between two people. Is it something one knows and the other refuses to admit? Faith can be this way as well. What of maturity?

Perhaps, it is society separating these two. Maybe, it is something else entirely. It is time for you to decide. Are you here or there?

Here & There

Are you there?
I ask you this
Because I am here.
I have waited,
And trusted,
But now I fear
You will forever
Be there while
I am here.

Once we had
Our little place,
Just us two.
But I left,
I had to go
Without you.
I am lonely,
But I know
What to do.

It is not
To come to you,
But, instead, go
Forward alone
Triumphant again.
So you can know
I am true
And real and
Finally show

How much I love,
Cherish, adore,
Desire and need
You in my life.
My heart to hold.
My desire to feed.
My love to keep.
My mind to hear.
From the mustard seed,

Has grown the faith
You will be here,
Yet not in haste.
Until then I dream
Of your strong arm
Snaked ‘round my waist,
And your gentle
Kiss I again
Long to taste.

Caress me softly,
When first you
Beside me appear.
Gaze deeply into
My soul the moment
You are here.
I am waiting
For you,
My dear.



How can moving forward without someone show your love? Have you ever been here or there? What are some of the concepts which get in between lovers? What is the separation in this poem?

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  1. I liked the poem, but . . .
    “It is not
    To come to you,
    But, instead, go
    Forward alone
    Triumphant again.”
    . . .and that proves she loves him and wants to get back together?
    I think I need a women translator.
    Binky recently posted..Dollar Store PetMy Profile

    • If you have this in “woman”, yes. It means she is going to do the things she knows she has to do to make their relationship successful. This is like choosing to pursue a career that transfers before he can move.

  2. Very nice….
    I especially love the maturity and growth the poem reveals. 🙂
    Physical or emotional distance, bad timing, interfering family or frienemies, beliefs which are not matched, difference in libido and a difference in the levels of maturity…
    Just some of the things (concepts) which get in-between lovers.
    Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples recently posted..Single and SecureMy Profile

    • Over time, I have seen all of those concepts inhibit friendship as well. This is a place we have studied before, and shall return soon.

  3. I reread this – I cant sleep.. I am overwhelmed with emotion – I am going to look for my original comment.. I know I understood it ,,,but this time I GOT it.. I was thinking on poetry the other day- im sure in my list of ?’s I forget to ask.. I never reread what I wrote..sometimes they were just little rhyming phrases i had to get out of my head – like that song.. since I started posting them. . I put them up – or ask input first cause I am still unsure although i write / feel// but the effect never hits me til I go back later and read it ..does it do that for you? and do you always know why Mantra gave you these words.. or does the meaning change for you too..? curious and here so asking.. much love.. and thanks for this.. I was led here tonight .. again &heartsl
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Romantic Monday Horizon View; The Long TripMy Profile

    • it is indeed marked in my book.. with many more now.. 🙂
      Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Romantic Monday Horizon View; The Long TripMy Profile

    • Occasionally, I will go back and reread and get something different. I always understand the first pass through with Mantra. I have to wait until the end because while I am writing, it makes little or no sense. If I listen for more than the signals for what to write, it sounds like random words with no order. When I read it after the date is on it, it makes perfect sense. I have written quite a few which would not make sense to anyone but me because there are so many lines left unwritten. The message was for me to pay attention, not to share. My mind fills in the lines.

      This one in particular means something for me, which may or may not come through in the words. For many, the separation is one which only they know how to apply to themselves. I like them better when they are that way. xxx

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