Tree Pirates

Climb a Tree

Have you ever climbed a tree? Did you like the view? The change of perspective is good for you. Have you ever pretended to be something you are not? Really? You could learn some lessons from the short ones who live in your house. Let your hair down and have a little fun.

Not every poem has to be gut-wrenching, dripping with romance or even cerebral. On the plate for this afternoon is one which was fun to write. I hope it is also fun to read. Named Tree Pirates very aptly, we are going on an adventure in a tree. In the interest of having a little fun, read on…

…tower faced southward…

Tree Pirates

The boughs sweep wide over the shade
Of the stoic elm in the front yard.
Seems only a moment has passed
Since little tykes climbed. Puppy below on guard
To protect the fortress nestled high
In the branches, its tower faced southward.

Blue jays protest young voices enacting
A fairy tale imagined on the spot,
Not rehearsed or contrived, a gumbo
Of legend served straight from the pot.
Finery imagined, fantasy treasure troves,
Images of adventure in the mind of a tot.

Through a paper tube eye scope, the longboat
Of enemies a-port does appear.
From its cabin windows an unsavory
Crew can be seen: Pirates. It’s clear.
Captain to Mate: Yeoman, ’tis bad news
Have I… Your parents are here.


© Red Dwyer 2012
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  1. I love climbing trees, hiding away in trees and hugging them just to begin with 😀
    Love this;)

  2. It brings to mind many fond adventures as a child and later looking after the little ones who grew up to be fine people! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Kiddles are so much fun. We should all start old and grow up to be children 😉

  3. Fun and fresh, two great ingredients here Red!

  4. Love it 🙂

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