Writer Spotlight: Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Many visitors to the M3 Coffee Shoppe have pulled up a rocker to read Raymond’s newest creation, Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol. Raymond agreed to sit down and give M3’s readers a peek into his career, his life and his new eBook.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee

M3: So, Raymond, how about introducing yourself to the M3 readers?

RAK: I am a freelance writer living in Northwestern Ontario on the north shore of Lake Superior. I write fiction, short stories, poetry, how-to and other articles of interest. I  blog at  IncomingBytes  to  challenge people to think for themselves -and be proactive in their own lives.

M3: Where did you start in the industry?

RAK: I began writing Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol in 2005 and just recently published it as an eBook, but have been writing in all genres since 1985. My portfolio essentially remains unpublished, including short stories, children’s books,  a couple of novels and two full-length screenplays.

M3: Who do you thank for where you are now?

RAK: I do have to thank my wife and soul mate Wendy for her incredible encouragement and patience. Anyone that encourages, but can also leave a writer alone as necessary–and yet happily contributes  to a project —deserves kudos, thanks, and much love.

M3: How is Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol different from everything else out there?

RAK: Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol is written for the imaginations of all ages,– in some respects equally as an innocent story, a parable, an analogy, and a focus upon hope.

M3: How do you feel about your colleagues?

RAK: My colleagues are people I treasure as friends. I admire them immensely. Their wonderful writing abilities, skill sets, amazing resilience and persistence are all things that I strive for. I openly admit I have many, unofficial mentors. Some are highly successful, some not, but I’ve learned much from them. One thing I most admire is their tenacity and work ethic. They are all very helpful and dedicated people.

M3: Any advice for a newbie?

RAK: A writer’s best friend is persistence –so, write constantly and stay open-minded. If you write every time you turn around, you are a writer however others may define your workNever stop writing.

M3: How do you find the time?

RAK: It seems to me you don’t find time, but rather make time. At times, you have to literally steal it from other pressing issues, personal time or sleep. Time is definitely an issue. Do writers ever really have personal time? The Muse does not seem to think so.

M3: Do you go on hiatus?

RAK: Personally, hiatus comes instinctively, something like “Procrastinators-R-Us”. Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol was developed over 5 years with some rather long periods of “other stuff”. Unanswered questions, doing  more complex projects, all seem to resolve themselves sooner or later, so I see hiatus is a good thing.

M3: Should we care if you have a “day job”?

RAK: No, since most of my own writing is the “midnight oil” version. I have always thought of mundane, ordinary “work”   as an opportunity to develop the mind, whether it’s doing a task at home or at a “day job”. Some of my best dialogue has been developed while doing dull “work”.

M3: What is in the works?

RAK: I have “one or more”  novels completed that probably should be published. There is some niche marketing stuff in the wings, and I also have children’s books that need illustrations and/or photos  that will likely be published as eBooks initially. If well-received, perhaps paper press is in the future for Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol. Meantime, blogging on Incoming Bytes keeps me scrambling, it’s a steep learning curve.

Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol

M3: What is one thing you hope I do not tell the M3 readers?

RAK: I hope you don’t tell the readers I only submitted my two full-length screenplays Substantial Incompletion (1993)  and The Burning of Vagus (1994) only once. That really wasn’t very persistent, was it…

M3: In 15 words or less, why should the M3 readers buy your book?

RAK: It’s unique. Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol  will eventually be a Christmas standard classic.


Dear M3 Readers,

Take a few moments to check out Raymond and Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol. Be sure to stop by Incoming Bytes for a little mind exercise.

Thank you for your continued support of M3 and the many talented artists in the M3 Coffee Shoppe.



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  1. Kudos Raymond. Its always nice to see the’master’ behind the masterpiece. You might have kept Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol brewing for many years… however you’ve finally dedicated time to it and published it. This is very encouraging to those of us who are still procrastinating on our work. Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol is a wonderful book and is a definite classic. I love the story and I recommend others to read it too.

    Ann Marie, thank you for posting this interview with the author of the next best seller. I’m mighty proud to be associated with such great talent.

    • Mandy, we all are. Raymond is a shining example of “done in my time”. It is indeed encouraging to hear not every best seller is written in a matter of months. Red.

  2. Red, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Your timely help is very much appreciated!

  3. @ Mandy, thank you for the very, very kind comments and great encouragement. I can now see that “Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol” really could have been published at least 3 years ago.
    @ Red, this turned out wonderfully — you certainly knew how to ask the right questions! “:)

  4. Angela Young

     /  December 7, 2011

    Love it:)

  5. Thanks, Angela ! I really appreciate all of the kind comments and Red’s eye-opening efforts on my behalf! “:)

  6. i suddenly feel like the former in of mice and men… way to go Ray.. good job Red – get to the point and bring out the best!

  7. Thanks Marc, being totally new to this business, I was amazed at the astute approach Red used with these questions and how beautifully she turned this spotlight “on”. I’m happy to be able to thank her again.

    • *Blushes* I just ask the questions…you have to do the rest. Unless you have never been introduced to the power of editing….

  8. Yes, Red, but you ask the RIGHT questions, the right ingredients, no editing required..that takes a lot of skill. Kudos!

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