Change in the Plan

Rain clouds

Driving under the clouds.

Now, for a few days there have been some rumors and comments that indeed I am not on vacation. For the record… I am on vacation.

These are the clouds which would wait until I got to the hotel before they opened up and poured rain all over the things I left in the bed of my truck. (Recyclables, not to worry.) The sky was pretty, even when the rain began. The rain has been off and on the whole time. It has made for some spectacular sunsets.

The Ride There

Eyes on the road.

I try to be very careful when I travel, you know arrive alive and all that some such. I kept my eyes on the road… even before it got dark. After all, there are still a few people who care if I come home in one piece. For them, and the thousands of faceless causes for road rage, I even drove the speed limit. (Says silent prayer of thanks for inventor of cruise control.)

Following the law.

I hope you have already figured out I am not going to be writing a lot, just using the pictorial to get my message across… I am, after all, on vacation.

Sensible Shopping Shoes.

Specialty Equipment

As many of you know, shopping requires specialty equipment. I came well armed. I consider these one of my favorite pairs of hiking shoes. After two miles of walking, no hurting tootsies. Complete victory. I absolutely love it when I win.

Shopping done. I hear the pool calling. I decided against fighting the frizz (remember, rainy, humid) and dropped the heels, skirt and peasant blouse for my swim suit and hit the pool. More miles… three of them.

Yes, the hot tub felt great when I was done.

Sharing is Caring

When the time came to go home, I decided the children needed a vacation as well. (I mean on top of being away from me for four days.) So, I got in the truck and drove to get them and brought them back with me to spend a few days away from home. Off to Memphis.

It did rain on us during the 800+ mile/12 hour turnaround, but we arrived in the room safe and sound and ready for bed. You should be able to understand this look from this morning…

I have to get up, why?

The Peanut Gallery

I am hearing things like hungry, pooling (swimming), restaurant, store and vacationing. Likely, this all means the short ones are interested in being let out of the hotel room. Sigh. Glad I got some sleep before I went to get them.

I love them, no matter how much they drive me crazy.

Feeling Abandoned?

Do not. I am reading comments on the BlackBerry every so often. Although, there were two complete days of radio silence. (And zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.) When I light, I will answer all the comments and questions. I promise not to bore you with any more of what we did on vacation. Hope you do not mind a couple more days of the strange posts.


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  1. I would personally love to hear the details of your vacation! Boring? Nah, not from you. Enjoy your time on the road!

    • When I finally light, I may put up another post about the vaca. We did so have a wonderful time! Glad to see you, Em! Red.

  2. Red, you bad girl, did you take a picture of your speedometer while you were driving? “:) 70 miles per hour, say “Cheese! ” We hope you are enjoying that vacation.
    Lovely pic of the red-head RESTING part ! Now THAT looks more like a vacation…. “:) Have a great one!

    • Why, yes. Yes, I did take the pic 😉 Almost home, so I will have to post the rest of the story later!

  3. Hehe, I like that picture for the “eye on the road” – was that road, by any chance, to the left and about a mile above you?

    It really is funny the difference between what people of different age groups think a “vacation” is. Even people of different bank statement sizes! A child will want the excitement and camaraderie of huge public parks (when 6 flags just aren’t enough) and middle agers may prefer a B&B, seniors a cruise and the infirm just to get out of their danged ‘old-age’ home. Me? I’m a sucker for an oceanside beach or an inland, clean and uninhabited lake.

    • LOL! No, just the angle of the camera. Kid elbows on the console are always short.

      I have had many wonderful vacations, but I like the quiet ones best. I did even when I was younger, but I will never pass up a perfectly good roller coaster…E.V.E.R.

  4. Just enjoy:)

  5. I just want to know WHO took the picture of the speedometer pegged at 70 miles per hour. 🙂

    Certainly not a driver who was being extra careful… right? :0

    Hope you’re having a great vacation.

  6. bear

     /  January 12, 2012

    Really hope you’re having a good time with the kiddles.

    • I did. And they did, for that matter. Just hoping we get home and they are willing to go back to school!!!

  7. Enjoy it Red and remember to take lots of photos of your good time for the fond memories!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • <<< takes really strange pictures. But they are about some really fond memories. 😉 {HUGZ} Red.

  8. Thanks for checking in! And love the shoes by the way. Enjoy your time away (well aside from the checks of the Blackberry) 🙂

    • I finally quit checking it. I set it to read my email to me and listened to it to follow what was happening here. Gave me time to scribble long hand…something I have not done in ages. I miss pen and paper so much sometimes. Somehow, it makes what I write more real to me. And I think poetry is so much prettier when it is handwritten.

  9. I certainly missed this one, and why would anyone think that you were not on vacation? Just because you are adding some wicked postings while away just means that your inventiveness and creativity is never lost no matter what you are doing, or indeed wherever you happen to be and that is wicked in itself 🙂

    When you mentioned your dip in the pool I was just about to think that it was a skinny dipping exercise when I noticed the mention of your swimsuit, well that serves me right for…

    Well you had a wonderful time and that is the main thing for vacations, but it is also very nice to see you back here and adding replies to the many comments you receive here, and you definitely deserve them with such fine offerings, those hate mailing hectors and crazy travellers that offer negativity to your pages just don’t know a brilliant blogging Space when they see one…

    Which is their loss…

    Have fun now Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Aye, Andro, they show their true colors when all I can do is ask if they bothered to R.E.A.D. them. I will refrain from admission comment about skinny-dipping. *Grins*

      • Yes I think that is a very wise choice,
        besides there will only be some loon
        saying that you are far too naughty to
        be blogging so don’t be giving them
        any food for thought 🙂 😉

        Be Good Now, I always Am 🙂

        Androgoth XXx


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