Saving Money in the Bathroom

How much money is going down the drain or in the trash basket?

  • flushing toilet

    Toilets account for 31% of American water consumption.

    Drop food coloring in the toilet tank. In 30 minutes, if it is in the bowl… YOU HAVE A LEAK.

  • Put a cup beside the sink. Use 4 ounces of water to dip your toothbrush and rinse your mouth. You can rinse at least twice!
  • Turn off the shower while you shampoo and condition… save more than 500 gallons of water per year. Equal to one month without a water bill.
  • Hang your towel on the towel rack or shower rod- straight out of the washing machine and after you shower. Use it twice and never put it in the dryer. You save electricity, and the towel will last twice as long.
  • Ditch your bathroom cleaners for less expensive, natural cleaners. Switching to green cleaning can save you more than $100 a year.
  • Use a hand towel. On laundry day, wipe your shower with the handtowel before you wash it. No paper towel waste and no money in the waste paper basket.
  • Use the washcloth. On laundry day, wash the tub with the washcloth… see last hint.
  • Toothpaste dispenser. Use the correct amount of toothpaste: Save on toothpaste, dentist bills, water (getting the extra toothpaste out of the sink) and toothbrushes.
  • Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo. No need for conditioner that day!
  • Use the toilet paper wrapper. (WHAT?!) Place toilet tissue in a hat box (pretty and discreet). Use the wrapper as a garbage bag to remove all trash from bath and bedroom.
  • Use grocery sacks in the waste paper basket. Do not buy those small ones! You are reusing and reducing.
  • Use the magazine. Before you pitch the reading material, use it to clean the mirrors. Crystal shine, no money wasted on paper towels.
  • Low flow shower head: Pays for itself in four (4!!) showers.
  • Low flow toilet. Can’t afford to install one? Fill a two liter bottle with water from the tank. Cap it and leave it in the tank. Now, it is a lower flow and better for the environment.
  • Plug the hand vacuum in the bathroom. By charging it in the bath, you are using an underused plug in your house. (Think electrician bill.) You also have it at your finger tips to grab little messes (like hairballs) before they become mopping nightmares.
  • Replace expensive bath potions with a mix of epsom salts and essential oils in a canning jar. (Add food color and a ribbon to dress it up.) For less than $5, you can make enough for you and your best friend. It would have cost you more than $18 at the store for half as much.

Stop throwing the money in the drain and the basket!


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    • Thanks for leaving your link, Patti! Gave up and joined Hub Pages. Not sure if I will make any hubs, but am enjoying the commenting!

  1. Ha. I thought I was the only person that vacuumed the bathroom. It’s definitely easier than trying to mop up hair…I even vacuum my bath tub when it’s DRY. This also makes cleaning faster. I hate trying to wipe up every piece of hair…

  2. Ann

     /  December 28, 2012

    These tips are all fantastic. Thank you! One big tip you forgot to mention that save BIG in the log run is preventing toilet clogs before they begin.

    Yes, repairs are super expensive, but they are so easy to prevent. The answer is easy NEVER flush sanitary products down the toilet. Their inorganic materials don’t break down leading to expensive clogs.

    To prevent clogs and damage to your septic systems check out Scensibles Bags and prevent clogs before they begin!


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