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Dear Water

Seltzer with Lemon

The absolutely necessary ingredient for life.

A Dozen Ways to Save $5 by Noon

Let’s return to M3’s roots for a post, shall we? Here are a dozen ways to save $5 before noon. One: Fill ‘er up! Buying gas in the morning is outright smart. The gasoline is denser in the cooler air, so you get more gas for the same price. That is no secret. This may […]

A Green New Year

New Year’s resolutions are easy to keep when you go green with some of these easy to implement environmental ideas. Catch a bucket Place a bucket where it can catch rainwater. Use this to water your plants or wash your car instead of the hose. Recycled water is great-pour fish bowl water on your plants. […]

Roughing it on the Cheap

Part VI of the Vacation Savings Series. If you missed a segment, begin here. Now, beyond the obvious of no hotel bills, you can save a boatload of money camping, if you are willing to rough it, plan and stick to it. Location, Location, Location There are still plenty of places to camp which are […]

How to Teach Children to Live Green in 5 Steps

Even the smallest children can make an impact on the environment. Parents teach children by example how to live green with a few easy steps. 1. Have a meeting. This needs to be a question and answer session. Sample questions should include: What do we do that uses electricity (and gasoline)? How do we produce […]