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What a terrifically busy and fun week! The faded yellow sun has finally fallen enough for the air conditioning to go off. Clyde has a question. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Let’s talk.

Celebrations & Welcome

We acknowledged a few birthdays this week and took some wild rides. If you have not voted on a gift for El Guapo, please do. The poll will be retired by Sunday. I have a ton of things to wrap. Thank you to all who networked with the Widowed Blog Hop, Phil, El Guapo and all of the many blogs who participated in what is affectionately being called the “Bash of the Blogosphere“.

I want to extend the welcome mat all the way off the porch to all the new bloggers who have joined the ranks of the M3 Readers. If you get lost, the pull cord is under About Momma… just ask. If you have not already, please stop by the Green Room (top menu bar) and leave a link to your blog. It is the official jumping off point for M3 Readers.

Schedules or “I can read.”

I get it. The SIB has been filled for two solid weeks with people questioning my sanity and my ability to read… either words or a calendar. If you could not tell by this week, we are returning to our regularly scheduled programming. Over the next two months, we will be adding two more blog hops to the month, but the spotlight, Friday Follies, SEP, FTP and Hot Flash are all in place.

Yes, Mantra is returning to Mondays. Her last outing met with some consternation, but rightly so. Genocide and social castes are often not taken well.


No Daddy is stripping everyone else off the M3 server. This should mean a decrease in the 500 errors they give you. They are growing more accustomed to the traffic around this place and realized the whole for a blog mentality is just as ludicrous as it sounds.


Two new pages are set to go live this week. One will outline the parameters and rates for advertising on M3. No, this in no way means we are going to stop linking to every blog worth following. It does mean you can put your products, books and businesses in the direct line of sight of the M3 Readers.

Mind the volume…but never let it be silent.

The second is going to be the M3 soundtrack. If you have no idea what this is, check out the request at the end of this week’s Friday Follies or to the featured status on the 5,000 page. To say your choices thus far have amazed and amused me is frankly so sublime it is hardly noticeable. I was brought to tears with some… both kinds.

If you have not seen Clyde’s new page, check out what the orang is planning for the next few months. His first tour date is on the calendar.

Mystery Solved


I have more than 5,000 contacts.

One of the things which has been concerning me is the lack of comments. I had chalked it up to the erratic schedule and No Daddy nonfeasance shenanigans, but have discovered a culprit which Clyde may address or may become a Red Hat post at the Tilted Tiara. Zuckerbrat has determined he needs to make more money. To that end, everyone who has a fan page fans of fan pages have been dealt a nasty blow.

[Redacted large explanation which would drive away math phobes.]

In short, if I want the fans of the 5,000 page to see the M3 posts on FB, I must pay $5 per post for an ad to show… wait for it… only to fans (who subscribed to see such things) or to fans and their friends. Needless to say, the mutiny has begun.

If you have a fan page, leave a link to it on the 5,000 wall. I will like it from 5,000 and put your page in my readers’ feed. I have been playing FB a long time. This works.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Right turn, Clyde.

One of the things Clyde ran across this week was auras. Being a curious sort, he was eavesdropping on a SIB conversation.

A side-effect of the most asked question (How do you get so much done?), one of the questions I routinely ask is:

What do you see when you look at me?

Now, being as this question is posed in the SIB, looking at me is either in the mind or via photograph. The answers are as diverse as the people to whom I post the query.

  • A confidant woman
  • Too smart for your own good
  • The busiest person on the planet
  • A therapist
  • A friend

To which, I answer, Guilty. As luck would have it, the person with whom I was pinging had answered the question in much the way everyone else does, but followed it with a novel addendum. In pertinent part:

You have this aura …about you that is mysterious.”

No, I did not leave it alone. (Where do you think you are? We are talking about the SIB!) I asked what color.


I am not going to get out the scientific and mathematical implements to bludgeon you (unless you ask really nicely). The associations we make between people and energy are significant to our relationships. We looked at it in Tarnished Silence and with the M3 soundtrack. We associate sounds, especially music, with others. Likewise, we associate color with people as well.

Quick… What color was your grandfather’s favorite (tie, jacket, pair of boots)? What is the most common color flower you (give, receive)? What is the predominant color of the art in your house? What color will Mate always put on when you are going somewhere special? Do you paint one room in every house a certain color? Do you find the colors in the gifts people present you in the same family?

Even with my handle being a color, it is not the color most often associated with me. In fact, only those who live on my pet peeve list see me as red as opposed to just Red.

Enter Ape

She did, however.

Given the nature of the rendering of virtual reality is different based on screen settings, Clyde was curious how anyone could begin to associate a color with someone they had met on the Internet. It is far simpler than one would imagine, especially if one has no working knowledge of frequency hopping, fiber optics or digitization.

As we read what others have on offer, we are exposed to the concepts they find important, the events which shape their lives and beliefs, the pain they have experienced and the level of engagement with which they are comfortable. It can be a powerful amount of information to process.

While we know the complete picture is impossible to see, we can make ascertainments with confidence based on our working social structures. The irony is we can feel the energy in the same way we find suspense in adventure novels and terror in ghost stories. We communicate to one another on a base level: one of pure energy.

It is enough to make an ape wonder.

Until next time,

Red Signature

What color do you associate with yourself? What color do you associate with me? Why (to both)? Do you think everyone associates your favorite color with you? Answer any of the questions from the “Why?” section.

Just a bit of business: The polls for El Guapo and Story Time will both end with tomorrow’s Flash in the Pan. Please vote in both. If you are not on Facebook, please leave your music choices in the comments.

When you tweet and +1 this post, please use the #hashtags: #auras and #Internet. Thank you for sharing!

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  1. I believe I’m in the pink–and gray, whatever that means colourwise–but I’m still in the pink and sometime not.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – BookMy Profile

    • You are so very pink. Greys are either silver (which I outlined already) or muddy. I do not see you as muddy at all, which would be energy blocking. I see a lot of yellow for you as well. Shared action, awakening, intelligence.

  2. I like the color green. I don’t know what that means. Do I notice colors? Not really. As for you, I guess I have never associated you with a color.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..Are we going to our broken church?My Profile

    • You are definitely green. If you missed some of my other comments, green is the color of teaching. You may be like Binky and not associate color. He will be glad to know he is not the only one.

  3. This post really cleared up a lot of things for me, Red…. thanks!!
    Mostly has to do with colors, you see I have almost always seen auras as such blurs that I find it difficult to pin down to a specific color… I do not the black, all of the colors, nor do I see white (seldom, anyway) which of course of the absence of colors. But something just clicked when you mentioned that we communicate on a level of pure energy. And is energy static? Heck no. So, I see the energy, which is in constant motion, some faster or some slower. Every now and then I can discern a shade or tint (not a pale color, just a hint of the full hue).
    Especially, I think, each of us is not always the same color, we change as we grow and saturate ourselves in the things we have chosen to believe or let in our lives.
    So, did that get me out of saying what color I see you as? I can’t even see myself as any color…

    RE the tunes – I was liking very much the tunes as I saw them start to grow,, including whiter shade of pale, Simply Red and lots more…

    I got distracted and finally came back to finish the comment about 3 hours later!!!
    BIG HUGS and more…

    BuddhaKat recently posted..Feline, Fun and Funny…My Profile

    • LOL! No problem on the comment delay. 😛 You need to cruise over to the music page and link up a few.

      I love that you do not see the end points. Frankly, those who have endpoints are often so very disturbing. Our environment governs the opacity of our colors. Whether we stress or worry over the details. Muddy colors are blocking the energy.

      You are so very yellow and orange with streaks of indigo. {HUGZ} <3 xxx

  4. Your photos (seen via Gravatar), your written communication all communicate a vibrancy and energy which matches your name and that is, Red, the colour I associate you with.

    I think I’m a Purple, a mixture of what you would associate with both Red and Blue. 🙂
    Phil recently posted..I ‘Like’ it.My Profile

  5. I see you as an indigo sea, Red. The depth of the aura and the play on light is both life giving and expansive beyond knowledge.
    For myself, I think royal blue with black. I never see edges, but the black is my darkness and the blue is my richness of personality.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Gail Thornton – Book Signings and Readings near Boston, MAMy Profile

    • Blue is commonly associated with me, and I was an indigo child. Indigo in particular has to do with strong will and compassion, drive and high mind speed. The light is the sparkliness I speak of with Liz and Val. What color is the light, silver or gold? Black is a light taker. It is usually unforgiveness and unresolved grief typically manifested in illness affecting only portions of the body. Royal blue is the color of hope and new opportunity. It would indicate your aura is attempting to heal itself <3

  6. I like earth tones, muted soft tones. I don’t quite grasp this entire thing. I’m more sense and feel. I met a woman in a store years ago and I followed her around. She felt, so calm and so good. You quite literally felt good being around her. I thought, at the time, that’s amazing. I just liked her.

    These are things I don’t see. I sense things and feel them from others, however aura wise, I don’t see that in a person. I feel them moreso than anything else.

  7. Well that’s very interesting. Cool 🙂 A young lady on G+ and on here actually, aside from you also has said gifts. Once just moved to a place with less space, that’s a lot of sensory overload for her. She’ll adjust but… still. 🙁
    MysteryCoach recently posted..~ Work * Kindness O.o ~My Profile

    • Mine is less bothered by closed spaces as it is crowds. That is what is exhausting. xxx


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