Right Turn, Clyde!

Right turn, Clyde.

Over the course of 2012, Clyde became a anchor on the Saturday Evening Post. Being an ape makes him curious as to why humans do some things. As M3’s society correspondent, he questions things we may never give a first thought, much less a second thought.

He has asked us some powerful questions about the ways we treat each other. Some of the topics he has queried included:

Catch 22





Bad Ink

Death of Customer Service
(His newest: This is a theme.)

Train Wrecks


And a host of other topics. Since orangutans are not known for their driving ability, his right turns are often sharp from the other content on offer either on the blog as a whole or in a particular news post where his correspondence normally resides.

Clyde would like to take a drive to your blog. Do you have a topic where you have more questions than answers? Give it to Clyde. He knows the questions to ask your readers. He can direct traffic to where he is reporting to engage in a spirited discussion.

Are you ready to give the camera to Clyde?

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