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Venti LatteTo say this week was eventful would be such a sublime statement as to convince one mountains were moved hourly by everyone. Yes, some people do. I happen to be one of them. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The wind has died back to a pleasant breeze. Let’s talk.

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It appears there was  massive malfunction of the subscription system, and many folks thought I had died. Someone told me the assumption was I was on vacation. I just shake my head.

M3 logoIn more than a year, I have missed fewer than seven days. Still, there are more than two posts for every day since M3 was born. This post is the 768th. Even when I am MIA from the blogosphere, guest posters keep the place jumping. A few of M3’s most popular and active posts have been by guest posters.

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Not the least of the announcements was the release of a dozen books through Redmund Productions. All are available in print, PDF, Kindle and ebook (ePUB). The M3 Readers should scroll (do not walk) over to the RedmundPro book store and click on the cover of interest. Proceeds go to starving authors in three countries. Do your part to solve the starving author crisis. Press the button.

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Right Turn, Clyde.

Orangutans are not so sure humans are the dominant species. One of the things which separates man from ape is the higher cognitive function when applied to communication. Clyde thinks it is all smoke and mirrors.

How many times have you been convinced someone’s (even your) mouth was not attached to a brain? This phenomenon is not relegated to any one realm, yet all those who encounter it are certain it is more prevalent in their arena than anyone else’s.

Not true.

failIn fact, people say the most egocentric, misinformed, idiotic, ill-conceived, incredible things every single day. Have you ever asked yourself why? Better still, have you ever asked the person with the feces falling from their lips?

Throughout the animal kingdom the hierarchy of family holds precepts for pecking order. All of them are geared toward the health and welfare of the group. Enter humans.


As a species we choose on a daily basis to walk away from the weakest. Unlike other animals, we do not do this to strengthen the whole, as there are no predators to mollify with the sacrificial lamb.

We are not culling the herd to prevent disease or strengthen the pack. Instead, we walk away, turn our backs, leave them to the care of those whose compassion would compel them to do the caring we find unpalatable. We find it so unpalatable we do not even contribute funds or resources to the support. Again, it is not our (problem, fault, concern) someone else is afflicted by something we were (genetically, statistically, luckily) spared.


BlackBerry Storm 2As a species we eschew our responsibilities to ensure those in our group are supported emotionally. Unlike the lioness playing with cavorting cubs, we seek solitary entertainment… “me time”.

We are raising generations who engage in completely antiseptic engagement. Cyber relationships replaced dating. Emoticons replaced the need to express feelings verbally. Bombs are computer guided from the opposite side of the planet than where they fall. Telephones are now for games and apps, not conversations.

Greater Good

Firemen Raising Flag at Ground Zero

As a species we engage herd behavior only when it is to our direct benefit, despite our railing against it when it is not immediately evident we benefit from its support.

Got a ticket? Pay it but do not support the police benefit. Paying for your crime is support enough, right? Why can’t they just use your fine money for whatever they want today?

Fireman’s benefit ball? You did not lose your spouse in a fire. Why would you support an event for the children of a fallen firefighter? You did not start the fire.

Mayor corrupt? You did not vote for him. Why would you help the district getting the new landfill stop him from receiving kick backs from the trash company? After all, he did not put it in your neighborhood.

Enter Ape

Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

We say awful thing about the people who do the most for us. We disparage parents without knowing the sacrifice they made to give us the non-idyllic childhood they could muster. We spurn public servants when they point out our bad behavior. We ignore wrongdoing when its effect is not directly impacting us.

Despite our sophisticated language and our written verbosity, we choose not to engage making the world a better place. We choose to insulate ourselves from the evil which runs rampant in our midst. We choose to abide those we know would sacrifice us in a moment of self-preservation.

We shriek our dissatisfaction when attention is not focused on us yet choose the energy-saving apathy over action. We denigrate when displeased yet do not congratulate other’s success or thank those who care for others in our stead.

Moreover, we hold silent when our voices could change the world.

It is enough to make an ape wonder.


Red Signature

Disclaimer: Although I used an example from politics, this post is not an invitation to discuss any current or past political topic. It is designed to elicit responses on the concept of social and cultural communication.

When was the last time you thanked someone for a service they provide? Do you volunteer? Have you ever supported a cause for those less fortunate? What is the best thing we could all do to make the world a better place?

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  1. I’m glad the email system is allll good now, Red! I’m here slightly past Saturday night but still good to catch up. Let’s enjoy a cuppa sometime, shall we 🙂

    • Saturday is a state of mind 🙂 I usually write it on Wednesday 😛 So glad to see you today, Christy <3

  2. Much to think about here Red…stuff I think about all the time. these are some of the reasons I have Mental Moments – in my mind it is a matter of ignorance first – living on autopilot, going through the motions – because i still have faith in the human race despite being shown time and again I may be wrong – we do what you can with what you have, when shown better, we (in theory ) do better. I have written about the technology issue, it like everything else has opened a gazillion doors and to the ones who use it appropriately it has enriched their lives – socially for one, not to mention so many opportunities unavailable without the technology we have today, but for those who dont effing get has taken away some really meaningful stuff. and taking meaning out of their interactions with others.. I have hope – I have to or I will give up.. once there is no hope there is no reason to try.
    I love you.
    ♥ Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Ridiculous Language is English; Mid-Afternoon Mental MomentMy Profile

  3. Some days I can’t take it all in. So much is going on these days–all around me. Technology is so LOUD I can hardly hear myself think. Do I need to know what her boyfriend said or what a lark the boys had or who got wasted–yada, yada, yada?
    I’m old fashioned. I wish we had more quiet and everyone wasn’t tearing around all over the place. Remember when you moved to a new neighbourhood, how it used to be? Once you were welcomed, you were kept an eye on (although in more ways than one). But still.

    • Yes, I remember the neighbors who knew everything. I think it was far better than knowing everything about people I will never meet, and from all the coverage I likely would not want to put forth the effort to know. I had a neighbor a few years ago check on me because my truck was home, but no one had been outdoors in nearly a week. It was good to know some ppl still do notice and care. 😉 xxx Glad you stopped by, Tess.

  4. Such a worthwhile topic, indeed, Red! Laurie took the words (random acts of kindness) right out of my mouth. I try each day to perform at least one RAOK.
    What happens is this exercises in me the selfless gene and perhaps awakens in another the same selfless gene, to replace the selfish one.
    And the power of words can not be discounted. Even if we are considered fanatics or never satisfied, or worse, we must speak up before we lose the ability/freedom to do so. Perhaps some good advice would be to speak up selectively. Such that your voice is not automatically tuned out by many from simple over exposure. Choose well and choose wisely. But do not let that become a fear that silences you!!!
    Well done, my dear friend!
    hugs and hugs and much more!!

    BuddhaKat recently posted..Finding the Found Long Lost Friday Fractal Feature…My Profile

    • For me, I do not think it is a matter of choosing which cause to support. It is a matter of eschewing the stupidity which makes others discount what we say. For instance, a Kardashian follower will be on ignore for me despite the fact the topic du jour is a cause I support. It is a matter of calling “wolf” too often. If the majority of what expels is drivel, I will not be on alert for something which is not. For me, it is about speaking with purpose and empowering others to do the same. <3 xxx

      • Well said, Red!!

        Kind of a “pick your battles” mindset? Such that we don’t scatter energy where it will never be effective? Rather use our energy in the purposeful, enlightened, engaged interactions that are most likely to result in positive action?

        BuddhaKat recently posted..Finding the Found Long Lost Friday Fractal Feature…My Profile

        • Precisely. The spewing is no good. It also burns far less energy just to channel into good rather than lamenting the bad. In that way, you voice is always strong. xxx


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