Saturday Evening Post: Not My Way

naked catsI am all for naked cats.” ~ Red Dwyer

When the inevitable look comes, you know the one… a cow looking at a new bicycle, the remainder of the quote is “There is more than one way to skin them.”

Likely, a more amenable quote has never issued from my mouth. Despite my ability to micromanage, it is not my best approach, for a host of reasons.

What I Know

The breadth of my knowledge can be considered a handicap. People look to me to solve conundrums and untangle life snarls. Although I often have an immediate answer, I am loath to volunteer it. Even if I know it worked for me or someone else, it may not work for the person asking.

Without fail, I am the one who answers a question with a question, if only to see if the solution is a good fit. No matter how much I may know, I need some vital information which is singular to my querent.

What I Do Not Know

I am probably the one least shocked by what I do not know. Every single day I prove I do not know everything by learning something. What amazes me is how many people do not recognize the hundreds (of thousands) of questions I ask as proof I do not know everything. Yes, I am a walking encyclopedia of useless knowledge and pertinent tidbits, even a few theses. Still, I would never turn down information. How do you think I collected all those facts and figures?

*Scribbles note to self to see how many questions are on this blog alone*

What You Know

Chances are good what you know is every bit as effective as what I know, whether I know it in advance or it is completely new to me. Where my talent lies is in seeing an application of what you know you might have missed or not known could be put to work.

Doubt that? How many things in your life could you improve? Exactly. You would change something to make it more effective or efficient or just plain better, even if you do not have the mechanical imagination to implement it. Ask me and I will probably tell you a completely different way to improve it which may or may not suit your purpose even if we agree both improvements would be suitable.

Ahem, so, the point is naked cats.

What was the question?

Always with the questions.

More recently, I have been asking people how they accomplish this or that. I am looking for more skinning techniques. In this quest, I have encountered something which has tempered the information I am gathering.

Since everyone who has ever answered a question on social media for me knows most all of the answers end up in a blog post, they may be quite surprised to see I am not airing the results here… yet.

See, I need your opinion as well. My most recent query is:

Do you think about things or concepts?

As is usual, that is all you get. How you interpret the question is just as important to me as your answers. How Clyde-like of me.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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  1. Name, rank and serial number.

  2. It depends, truly on the day, the hour, the problem or my mood. Who knows. Reading my journals it appears to depend on a stream of consciousness even.

    I suspect for me some of it depends on whether I am thinking about life or work. There is a very bright line between these right now. I think maybe I could be happier if I could keep this line wider and brighter.
    valentine logar recently posted..Say it Out LoudMy Profile

    • Separating the two is difficult for more people than I ever imagined. I have often found the brighter my line, the more I truly should respect it. Whatever happenstance led to its creation was a worthy enough lesson for me to keep the line engaged.

  3. Doesn’t everyone think about both? Aithough it seems a lot don’t seem to think about anything.

    • When I first posed the question, it came as a result of having someone tell me they could not conceptualize. I queried extensively to grasp the concept of merely thinking of things, tangible objects, mechanics. While I found there were some overlaps between mechanics and intangible concepts, the further I probed, the more distinct the two became.

  4. I cannot give a straight answer to this.
    Sometimes, I don’t understand the question. I need answers to questions of my own to get the right gist.
    Sometimes, no matter what I ask, I just don’t get it.
    Tess recently posted..Christmas Grotto 2015 – Flash Fiction Anthologies with Tess Karlinski.My Profile


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