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Effective Accessory

What a week! Between the trolls & stalkers and the visitors & commenters, it has been an exciting ride. Certainly, we will not rehash every detail. Just for kicks, we are going to discuss horns and hooves and forked things.

Half full

Being accused of being the devil is one of those things I want a sawbuck for every time it happens. I would take a ’round the world cruise with the proceeds (with the children, and a nanny). Inevitably, I use the same retort, as it is on target every single time:

I am not the devil. I am his ex-wife.”

With the ongoing discussion of marriage and divorce, and an unexpected hatemail response to the above quote, I realized there were possibly more people than my hatemailer who misunderstood what I meant.

She scolded me for mordancy…ME! She equates me to creatures with horns and hooves and accuses me of mordancy. (Mutters something about pots and kettles.) My outrage notwithstanding, her acerbic comments proved she truly did not understand my intent.


Being a linguist can sometimes be a true handicap. Since both sentences begin with the word I, silly me thought the sentences were about me. The quote is not about calling my ex-husband Lucifer, but about the implications of how (fiendish, impish, devilish) I must be for the head demon himself to want a divorce.

How’s that for perspective?

The Proverbial

Choose Your Path

The quest and struggle for the name of the blog is over. I have chosen the fork in the road I am willing to take. M3 will still be the nickname, although the corresponding website is out, since it is a Japanese medical site.

After listening to some reasonable argument, crunching some SEO numbers, consulting long tail statistics and flipping a coin for the best three of five, Momma’s Money Matters stays. The subtitle is definitely on the way out the door. Although my initial snarky reaction is to replace it with You had best behave, or you will never inherit., I recognize this to be another linguist moment.

Stop scratching your head. When I contrived the name, I did not read it the same way 98% of everyone else does. The general consensus is I used a tired phrase money matters to describe personal finance.

While I am guilty of using cliches like punctuation for headers, ellipses and titles, this interpretation fails in every respect to account for the children in my life. Unequivocally, children change your perspective on every single thing in your life.

In my eyes, money is a noun and matters is a verb.


Yes, my tongue is forked. Yes, I stick it out on a regular basis.

Claws, Horns and Other Bony Protrusions

As my portrait above shows, I have massive claws. After all, I am the Momma Bear. I routinely defend my cubs against all manner of ignorant, small-minded, bigoted, asinine behavior. In keeping with my strict policy of no politics on this blog, many of the events in our lives which cause me to sharpen my claws are left strictly private.

On the other hand, the non-political gradu in my life will be occasionally be on display. This is not exhibitionism for the information highway rubberneckers. Instead, it is an exercise in education. Better others know their erratic, illegal, intolerant, juvenile behavior is being exposed in an ongoing effort to show M3 Readers how to deal with the weeds which plague our Zen gardens.

Armed and Dangerous

Yes, they are sharp. Yes, I have a heavy duty file to keep them that way. Approach my children at your own peril.

In Other News

With the addition of Story Time and The Office, I have made the decision neither Ask Momma nor M3 News will make their way to the new website. (Pages are at the top in the header.)

With your help, M3 is spanning the globe. I thank you for all you do to bring M3 to your networks, followings, friends’ lists and circles.

If you have not already, feel free to Circle me and/or follow me on Twitter. Writing, management, charity and network professionals are welcomed to join me on Linked In. All of the relevant links are listed on About Momma.

And anyone who loves coffee raise their hand. As I was reminded by The Waiting, we need to have a coffee tasting soon. Really soon. How many cups do we need? And who is bring the wine?


Have you voted in the new poll? 

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  1. Of course I have voted in the new poll… Indeed we are all getting used to these little side bar treats of yours you know, and being that you are Tour Guide, Teacher, Creative Writer and Momma to some rather delightfully wonderful children we are also enjoying your wickedly thrilling themes, your in depth knowledge on everything that spans this side of the galaxy and beyond (Including Goth Culture)…

    In other words we think that your space is wonderful, okay stop getting too excited there are blogs to think of, Troll’s to squash, and adventures to travel…

    It all sounds like great fun to me Red, so on with the show 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hahaha! As I am penning posts for the end of the week! The story is going to start moving much faster. And there is so very much more to add to the advice posts. Aye, much work to be done.

      Have a wicked rest of the night, Andro 😉

      • And you too Red, your night is still young where as mine is already just into the morning, and I am in need of some refreshments, I will start with something nicely chilled and see where that takes me…

        Have a very nice rest of evening now Red and I do
        enjoy calling into your Space as I never know what
        wickedness you have on the menu and the recipes
        are always sublime 🙂 How about that for wicked? 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  2. Well I certainly knew what you meant by “money matters” but perhaps that is because I also am a linguist… I think that keeping the blog name the same means keeping your readers as well. Readers are comfortable with the title and I think it works as well. Will you be moving on to a larger platform than WordPress?

    • No, I will just be dropping the .wordpress from the URL. The blog will remain powered by WP, but will reside on a page rather than being the page. It is far beyond time to spread all my assorted paraphernalia about in one spot, which I cannot do here. No shopping cart capabilities.

      • Ah, thanks for explaining. I look forward to seeing your computer wizardry at work. I’m so happy for all the success you’re having!

  3. Nice wrap up of the week.
    And amazing how your scales don’t show in the pic of you with the sword…

  4. Now, you have me on 2! I’ve never had a hate mail, and I’ve never drunk coffee! (figures he has enough bad habits, more than enough enemies)

    Great post… are you staying on WordPress?

  5. Sounds like a Plan Red!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    I learned the hard way to hang onto my money – one bad woman who cared nothing for her children and only for herself turned my healthy financial situation into a disaster.

    Today I’m all in the black and she still calls me rotten because her kids hate her and love me – go figure huh?

    It always amazes me that people were encouraged to get into debt and now the world is in serious financial trouble the debtors are getting the blame!

    Live within your means is an old saying that has particular meaning today…

    Love and hugs!


  6. HI Red!!! 🙂

    Just caught your second comment! 🙂

    I already had bread! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  7. Hi Red! 🙂

    Third comment! 🙂

    Yeah having peace and quiet after so much hard work must be good for you, but I have little to occupy my time apart from the internet, PS3 games and the occasional chores.

    There was a time my life was full of fun and laughter, but not any more.

    Love and hugs!


  8. Yes to the poll.
    Love your space and all you have to say. Hardworking, content filled bloggers like you make my blogging job easier. I just write a little bit of nonsense and I’m good, because I don’t want to compete with you.


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