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Burning Heart

Just a quick bit of love for those of you who have stuck with me through today.


LinkedIn Blogging Endorsement

On a day when I really had no intention of posting, despite the eight drafts in my WIP folder, I got an email I simply could not pass. It was about you.


It is the time when the children are on a sugar high which may subside in time for summer vacation, wrapping paper is everywhere, the thought of taking down the tree is cause to drink a little eggnog in your liqueur and we sit back and think about the gifts the year held. Wait. What […]

Quarters and Change

Today’s take on MAD is a bit different than the one we normally travel. In this case, we are discussing the people who make a difference in the blogosphere. Despite mundane arguments to the contrary, the virtual world is one which truly does MAD in the flesh and blood world, every single day.

You got a what?

Red Signature

Realize, I was retro-admitted as a charter member of the PRU. To support such a late nomination and subsequent acceptance, I offer this morning’s post, in all its belated glory. I will, however, redact the dates, lest you all know precisely how long this has been sitting in the draft folder. (Hangs head, clears throat, […]