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I was not phishing

Some of you were concerned yesterday over an email you got from me entitled “Unsubscribed from The M3 Blog”. It was not a hoax.

Friday Follies: White Meat Edition

Apparently, The M3 Blog is a spam magnet. Perhaps, an illustrated example will make this a little clearer.


Burning Heart

Just a quick bit of love for those of you who have stuck with me through today.

Clyde on Email

Magnifying Glass Clipart

If you have not seen the “We Have You Surrounded” box in the right sidebar, you probably do not know there are about 500 people who subscribe to email from The M3 Blog. Sadly, less than 2% of those people get it.

Clyde on Spam

Spammers are not new to M3. In fact, the spam filters keep more than 3,000 comments per month from my sight, while Akismet blocks as many as 10-20,000 per month. Clyde is a vegetarian, so what do you think he has to say about spam?