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Bubble, Bubble

What was the question?

A blank page is a wondrous and infuriating thing. I need your help with the poll on the right side. Let me explain.

On and for a Strike

catch 22

Labor often institutes strikes to exhibit its value when it feels exploited. Writing is a labor of the heart and soul. When the words disappear, the value is rarely on exhibition. This Catch 22 is different from all others.

Dear M3 Readers

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This one is only for you.

Pardon the Mess

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Many apologies to those whose comments were eaten and who were unable to access M3 during the monstrous migration of this behemoth to a new server. Thank you for your perseverance. I appreciate your time.


If you have been around long enough to know why there is a meter in the right column, I have a word for you.