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The First Day of…

Killing Us Softly: Becoming the Surviving Spouse of Cancer

‘Tis the season for marketers to go insane. I am going to share 12 intimate reasons with you.

Hot Flash!

“I bought you the perfect gift. It’s a fully automated house helper.”

Flash is back!

Derek ran his fingers gingerly over the cool, shiny surfaces the way other men caressed inner thighs. From the time he was old enough to see over the work bench, he had dreamed of this day. He had flown out the day the attorney call to say his father’s will was to be opened.

Flash in the Pan

“We could be happy together.”

Flash in the Pan

Eileen’s hand shook as she reached for the sugar bowl. Her movements were erratic as she spooned the eighth teaspoon into the demitasse. The inky liquid neared the brim.