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Love, Love Not

butterfly daisies

I love me. I love me not. Most days, this rhyme ends on a positive.


pierced ear

“I said for you listen some more on me.” Perfectly understandable. No? Ever considered Listener heard exactly those words? For ages we have held ourselves above the animals because of our advanced communication system. Balderdash.

Flash in the Pan

“What do you mean I can only have four? I need 24.” The young man twitched, put his hand in and out of his pocket twice and shifted his eyes somewhere off to the left and back. “Look, I have four. Do you want them?”

U is for Understanding

To say understanding is misunderstood takes irony to new heights. Yet, in the end, the statement holds water. In our own ways, we all seek understanding. What is there about understanding which is so hard to understand?