The Recycled…Toothbrush?

A recycled toothbrush sounds disgusting until you look a little closer; and it is delivered; and you never have to remember replacing it; and it helps the environment. Let’s look into one of the most innovative plans on the market.

How much oil?

Since the production of plastic consumes more oil than any other industry (yes, more than cars), recycling plastic is key to preserving our fragile environment and oil reserves. You ask, But in my toothbrush? Sure.

How does it work?

recycled toothbrush

Get yours today!

The handle is 100% recycled polypropylene from bottles and other plastic recyclables. It has an angled head to produce superior cleaning results and bristles in your firmness.

With five colors to choose, three bristle firmness, both adult and youth sizes, you order a pack of five. You decide when your toothbrush will need to be replaced. A new one arrives with a postage prepaid (FREE!) return envelope for the used one. Or choose the Mail Back Pack… the covers double as mailers.

Recycle Right

Plastic recycle logo PP, Polypropylene

#5 Plastic

By not breaking the recycling chain, Preserve products are offered at an excellent price, and even the packaging is made from recycled plastic. Add flavored toothpicks and a tongue cleaner, and you have an environmentally sound way to keep your teeth healthy, your breath fresh and the planet green! Their motto is Preserve your health * Preserve the Earth.

Is it used?

Will someone else use my toothbrush? Yuck! No. The toothbrush is designed with plastic molded gripping rings. Unlike most marketed brushes, that use rubber for the grip that is not recyclable, the Preserve toothbrush is 100% recyclable. The virgin nylon bristles and the recycled polypropylene handle are ground into plastic lumber. This is the plastic used for outdoor furniture and toys.

ADA dentist

The Pros Know!

Why buy five?

Dentists and the ADA (American Dental Association) recommend that toothbrushes be replaced every three months, since they become ineffective and grow bacteria. Americans are not doing this, through forgetfulness. If your toothbrush is delivered, you don’t have to remember to buy one when you shop. And you have a spare to take when you travel.

It is just a toothbrush.

Does this really help the Earth? Absolutely. Discarded toothbrushes at the current replacement rate (of 1.5 times per year for the average American-instead of 4) account for 50,000,000 pounds of landfill every year. In other words, toothbrushes could fill a landfill in one year. Plus, add in the savings of fuel consumption to transport and bury them, and we are talking about saving millions in gasoline dollars and emissions.

So, where can you find this new product? 

Along with many other options on popular plastic products featuring home delivery, Preserve is on the cutting edge of showing the public at large the benefit of recycling items normally taken for granted and providing quality products from recycled materials.

Would having your toothbrushes delivered help you replace them on time? Did you know when to replace your toothbrush?

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  1. I quit using regular toothbrushes years ago when I switched dentists and Dr. G. recommended I try an electric toothbrush. Her advice has helped me save my remaining teeth.


    • I hear you about the electric brush. My dentist suggested the same thing to me as well. I like it, sort of…I prefer scrubbing them myself when I can. I still use both.

  2. Really interesting. I didn’t realize it was supposed to be 3 months; I thought it was 6 months. In either case, I can see how quickly these things pile up in land fills. I once used the wrong toothbrush and it turned out alright. So, I guess this isn’t too strange.

  3. That’s actually a great idea for reusable toothbrushes! I use the Waterpik, but if i were using reusable ones i would go for these!

    • These are great for travel. Like I told John, I still like a regular toothbrush, too.

  4. I like to change my toothbrush quite often and three months sounds about right to me, easy to remember that too breaking it down into quarters of the year… I tried an electric toothbrush years ago but I don’t like the feel of that circular brush head and so I am a tad old fashioned using the manual selection…

    I have never heard of this new ‘Preserve’ home delivery toothbrush product but it is certainly worth considering when one sees the environmental savings, though it would need everyone to participate in the usage of such a brush if it were to make a big enough difference I think? 🙂

    Another interesting and highly informative posting Red and thank you for offering this one my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

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