The Night Scene

This poem is very different from the others we have had on Muse for Monday. For that reason alone, does this one come on another day.

The allusions are subtle and may go unnoticed against the metaphor. Do not strain yourself trying to find any of them in search of the answer to the question below.

Instead, let the words pass through your mind and lips. One concept will reach out to you. Hold its hand until the end. There are many solutions to this particular poem.

If you get a different concept from a second reading, please tell me what each of them is.

Unlike others, I will come back to this one, when I return, and talk to you all about where it began and what it means in the end.

I hope you enjoy The Night Scene.


In its chill embrace/A dream awaits

The Night Scene

The silence creeps
Beneath the locked
Tight bedroom door,
Chasing even the
Crickets’ song away.

In its chill embrace,
A dream awaits.
Its cast, scene ready.
The backdrop surreal
And staged obscene.

Butterflies at play.

The stillness breaks
First by motion,
Then, commotion.
Flitting bodies,
Butterflies at play.

A circle forms
And a hush falls
On the scattered props,
But in the chaos
The center’s unseen.

The players die
Away, one-by-one.
Save the last
Who enters within
The dawn of new day.



What do you think this poem is about on the surface and deeper?

© Red Dwyer 2012
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