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Wombies’ Surprise

Shhhhh. We hijacked Momma’s laptop. Thank goodness, Claret knows how to type!

Mantra Miffed

Mantra cold

Yes, you noticed. Mantra boycotted yesterday. In fact, she would not sing. She did nothing but pout. This morning, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

Surfing Foolishness

It seems the time of year has come for us to engage in a tradition, which if you are not already partaking, you will enjoy. Do you have a suit handy? Swim. Wet. Birthday. Choice is yours. No seat belt required.

Mental Moment for Monday

As you all know I have been running from pillar to post (figuratively and literally) to get Mantra’s book where it needs to be and ready for everyone to grab their copy by the end of this month. You also know my one of gal pals, Lizzie, has been in the trenches with me. So, […]


Today is one of those snooze button days. I absolutely will not be rushed today. I am comfortable, wound up in the comforter, snuggled into my pillows (yes, plural). The children are quietly building and destroying wooden block towers. I am certain I could raise my voice, and they would stop. It is not worth […]