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A recent visitor to M3 noted I am an observer of humanity. It is an astute observation. I find great amusement in my voyeuristic approach to the human race. While I am content to sit on a bench and watch the world go by like the mother of all theaters, I also like to watch what inadvertently makes it into movies.

Black and white Looney Tunes opening title fro...

Some of the best lines ever written into movies are in the Walt Disney animated collection. While I am truly a Looney Tunes kind of girl, I have to appreciate the wherewithal of some more modern animators.

History is not boring.

The cartoons we grew up with (Showing my age here, youngsters bear with us.) were products of WWII and were the colorized grandchildren of the WWI shorts. They were originally aired for movie-goers before the feature began. It was a simpler time when staving off depression had nothing to do with Big Pharma or talk therapy.

Laughter is good medicine (18th chorus).

In a time when newsreels (also shown before the feature) were filled with a mixed bag of war casualties and labor hardships created by the productive men being off at war, cartoons were meant to make the audience laugh. Today, more than 90 years into the industry, cartoons are still doing the same thing.

Why It Works

Really good animation recognizes children do not get to the theater (or pay for a ticket)  without adult intervention. Animators must include enough innuendo to amuse the parents as well. Enter my top five animated quotes.

You would be amazed what you can live through.~Genie, Aladdin 1992

List of Disney's Aladdin characters

Some days, my children and my friends (in varying measure) believe I am a genie. (“Ultimate cosmic power, itty-bitty living space.”) On those days, in an inevitably and undeniably Red moment, this quote comes to mind.

You see, genies are forbidden from killing anyone. In this right, I am a genie. Rather than engaging in purely homicidal thoughts, I envision the many cataclysmic, catastrophic events my nemeses could actually survive. *Evil Grin* “You would be amazed what you can live through.”

You are rats with wings! ~Nigel, Finding Nemo 2003


How many memes (pronouced mee-meez) do you know? It is all about them…all of it.

If you mention a hangnail, they have had a finger ripped from their bodies by a rabid wild boar which they had to chase down in the darkness of the snow-drifted forest to wrestle bare-handed-to-heavily-fanged to retrieve the horrifically mangled digit, then stored in a snow-filled left sock during the 18-mile hike to the nearest cell signal where they called the only med-evac helicopter in the tri-state area, which rushed 284 miles (one-way) to take them both to the world’s most renowned plastic surgeon for the most complicated ever-performed reattachment which left this scar, but you can only see under an electron microscope.

The most amazing thing about the tale? The entire rendition contained no periods and was recited with only one breath. To them I say, “You’re rats with wings.”

Squirrel! ~Alpha, Up! 2009

Cover of "Up (Single Disc Widescreen)"

I have already admitted I have the attention span of a Mediterranean fruit fly. I can listen to you, but, for the love of all that is holy, get to the point. If you do not, be prepared for me to be watching the butterflies.

Not that I am any better. I waffle on about this or that until I see the noticeable snap of the head in the opposite direction as my audience has obviously spotted a “Squirrel!”

Your stunned silence is very reassuring. ~Roz, Monsters, Inc. 2001

Cover of "Monsters, Inc. (Two-Disc Collec...

Cripes! You forgot. Surveying your children (or Mate) about what they have accomplished often leads to these moments. Whether it is a genuine obligation or merely a request for assistance (or outright doing something for you), you get your answer in a open mouth with no sound.

Me: Did you finish the assignment (which you have had for three weeks, is due tomorrow and requires 16 ingredients I happen to know are non-existent in this house and the store which sells them closed 18 minutes ago)?


Me: Your stunned silence is very reassuring.

Are you always this articulate? ~Megara, Hercules 1997

I have been accused of leaving people speechless. Although I am convinced this is merely an anomaly, when met with strangers who have the mouth-agape, slumped shoulders posture seen in “stunned silence”, I actually hear myself asking, “Are you always this articulate?” Odd, it seems to be happening more frequently.


What is your favorite line from an animated movie?


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  1. Love it:) I have no favorite line – don’t remember a one of them. But I sure enjoyed yours.

    • LOL! I have one from almost every stinking movie. I am subjected to 3-4…hundred airings each of the movies. I pick out the one which I can apply outside 🙂

  2. “Cripes”…I had forgotten about that word. It’s a fun one!

    I love the scene in the Lion King where Rakiki raps Simba on the head, which makes Simba mad. Simba had just said that his past wasn’t important. Rakiki promptly replies, “It is in the past. Why does it matter?”

    • I love that entire scene. Followed closely by Pumbaa’s “Put your behind in the past!”

      One of my other favorites from Lion King is when Timone asks Nala, “The monkey’s his uncle?”

  3. James Parsons

     /  December 13, 2011

    Better out than in I always say. Shrek How do you come up with these, good one RED

  4. Very entertaining and well thought out. Loved the post and the lines.

  5. Actually I don’t watch many of those animated movies but I do rather enjoy Wallace and Gromit, as in “Pass me the Wensleydale Gromit”, which is a bit of a cheesy line I guess, but I still like it nonetheless 🙂 lol

    I like this one Red, it is very amusing…

    Androgoth XXx

  6. ‘You ain’t Never had a friend like me!’ (Aladdin)

    Oh if ONLY I had a magic lamp!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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