The Root of All Evil

Now, I know Money is the center word in the header for M3 (at least for now). This graphic in combination with You need to start tomorrow. brought a woman from Arizona to call in the inbox to say,

Devilish, I tell you.

stop telling people to save money. people don’t need to be saving money. they need to be giving it to the less fortunite. not everybody can have a lazy job on the intranet.”

Wow! You are right. To be on an intranet, you have to have one of those jobs which comes with a W-2 or 1099 which requires you to work for a living and gain a paycheck to give away. Thanks for playing.

(Considers writing thesis to Congressmen in Arizona RE: Education Allocations. Decides it is easier to vacation elsewhere.)

My Personal Sex Bot

Porn Spam Rocks

In what has to be the funniest spam bot ping I have ever gotten, I read the search term to which No Parking was associated:

Top 10 Most Bizarre Animal Sexual Rituals”

I have asked before if the blog had its skirt tucked in its panties, but now I am convinced someone has registered M3 with a porn directory.

(Idly wonders if she should blog about skunks, naked pygmies and the whips necessary to restrain them both. Thinks better of it because the spiders will all open this post instead.)

Free Advertising

After reading Fasten Your Seat Belts, a “Supervising Manager” in an ad firm from Minnesota offered me this tidbit…for free.

Maybe if you blog werent so mean you would have more readers. But even if you like to be mad I can hook you up with some web sites to get you more traffic.”

Thanks all the same, Durwood. I already have a personal sex spam bot helping me out with more traffic than I know how to handle without a press agent and a personal social media manager.

(Googles requirements to be a supervising manager, mistakenly thinking all managers supervise…and can spell.)

Who do you think you are?


Never married...

Only moments (truly less than two minutes) after Marriage is a Credit Card went live, the inbox chirped.  Oh, yippie! Mail. The message left me to guess the sex of the anonymous hatemailer who delivered this gem to me from sunny California:

Stop pretending to be something you are not. You have probably never been married. Who could put up with somebody as insufferable as you? You don’t know everything.”

Well, newest fan, you are right about one thing: I do not know everything. Maybe, just maybe, that is why I leave a question at the end of the post…So, I can learn something, too.

(Scratches brain to invent an enlightening question. Closes cranium knowing roaches prefer the dark.)

Not to be Outdone

Also in the inbox during this pinging, came an email from Elaine from North Dakota:

You dont know [expletive deleted] about marrage. if you keep blogging about it someone will get a divorce which is just evill of you. why doNT YOU JUST QUIT BLOGGING SO PEOPLE CAN LOVE THEIR MARRAGES?”

Let's fortify the bunker, shall we?

Return email:

Dearest Elaine,

I do not blog about mirages, although to some a happy marriage is an unattainable image. I also do not blog about barrages, although some of my post can be considered friendly fire. As to your prediction about divorce, I can only hope you will be the one who fulfills that particular prophesy.

You are correct about one thing. Feces has no useful part in marriage to my knowledge. Perhaps you can enlighten me how to use feces as a marital aid.

With kindest regards,



I hope your week has been free of the stupid emails which constitute my Friday Follies. Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. How incredible that these are real emails you are getting! And do these people not have spell check?!

    • I think in the RED they see at my posts, they are blinded to the F7 button. 😉 It is a “definate” possibility!

  2. wow. Lucky you. You have folks that insult you then want to sell you advertising. You’re doing a grate job. (Spell check won’t catch everything…snicker).

    • Isn’t that just amazing? Did not even try the sandwich method or anything! *snickers with you*

  3. LOL Shithead

     /  January 8, 2012

    Brings to mind the old adagge “If you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything”. But then again there would be very few comments.
    My thoughts on money. (?). Money is like the elusive butterfly to most. Never had much and don’t really care if I don’t as long as I survive I’m happy. No root of all evil here LOL. <3

    • My audience is so lovely I would still have loads of comments…just not much email 😉 And you are right about happiness.

  4. Priceless 😉 I’ve actually had people email me and suggest that I need a spell check on my blog — because I left “u” out of favorite or other such “British English” typos 😉 Course then there are those that leave the mystifying comments about “wow this blog post helped me on my school works” Really? Who knew! 🙂

  5. Hi Red! Seriously?? I can’t believe people email you that … stuff. You must have a pretty thick skin as well as a great sense of humor. Even though it’s sort of at your expense, thank you for sharing the laughs! Keep up the positive outlook. I’m off to explore these controversial blog posts of yours! 🙂

    Take care! Karen

    • Enjoy! My hide is pretty thick. And over time I have developed quite a sense of humor about the whole thing. Happy Reading! Red.

  6. Nuts, Red, absolutely nuts! You seem to stir up the most amazing crazy shit around your inbox!

    Oh, for a happy marriage…
    Noeleen recently posted..WORDSfall from MyEyes – Recap & next chapterMy Profile

    • Is it nor just a pip? This one is from the early days of the blog…I have been getting this garbage from the very beginning.

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