Prompt: Junk Drawer

junk drawerSome claim America is the only country where people designate a place for junk. Be it avarice, sloth or organization, what one stores in a junk drawer is revealing. What is in mine?

While I tend to have a designated junk container in each room with drawers, my official junk drawer is in the kitchen. To belie its name, the drawer is opened every day, often more than once, proving its contents are not junk.

  • Scissors, 4 pairs
  • Box cutters, 4
  • Batteries: 9V, garage door, watch, camera. Rechargables: AA, AAA
  • Silver polishing cloth
  • Grip pad for opening jars and for non-skidding cutting boards
  • Sewing kits: crochet, fabric, upholstery
  • Stick-on non-skid dots
  • Mounting brackets
  • Super glue, 2
  • Fragrance oil, 4
  • Bag of playing cards and dice
  • Keys: skeleton, truck
  • Badges
  • Diaper pins
  • Seeds
  • Dog tablets
  • Incense
  • Markers
  • Candles: tea lights, birthday
  • Bandaids
  • Lip balm


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Name three things in your junk drawer. Do you have more than one junk drawer?

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  1. I think your junk drawer is too neat to be a junk drawer.

    Junk garage, junk attic, junk basement. I think I have too much stuff.
    Binky recently posted..Hedge Trimmer HaircutMy Profile

    • Fraz’ tendency to get things may be partly to blame. That and all the inventing parts.

      • I think you two have secret cameras trained on my house; these prompts are starting to hit home with me, and having multiple junk drawers in my case is directly related to file management.

      • I agree with you. It is mostly Fraz’s fault.

  2. I currently have a junk house 😉

    I don’t think I will have space for a junk drawer in my next dwelling. I think when I find my next house I will have a junk dresser especially designated, just so I can put whatever I want into it.

    I will emulate you and make the entire dresser, neat.


    • I think what I love most about the junk drawer is if I go to introduce a new item I actually decide if it is useful enough for the junk drawer or merely something I am hoarding. That is a different post. Giggles

  3. Basically, my head is my junk drawer. I do have one in the kitchen; the 3 most prominent items I saw when I looked were an antique garlic press, candles, and a spare coffee machine basket.

    I agree with the above comment; yours is too organized to be a true ‘junk’ drawer. It is, however, like you, highly efficient…


    gigoid, the dubious

    • My OCD is bad enough I have to have order in my cabinets and drawers. I am better with a bomb detonation in the dining room than I am with mess in the cabinetry. Le sigh. I know I am a weirdo. LOL xxx


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