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Today, we have gone from completely blog-oriented to planet-oriented. Now, I would like to settle in for some more personal chat with you. Pull your rocker a bit closer to the fire and snuggle in with your cuppa.

A Bit of Background

The M3 Blog has seen terrific growth, especially in the last three weeks of 2011. During that time, some of the newer subscribers were crash-coursed into getting used to my abrasive style. They were not gentled into the flow by such posts as the original Saturday Evening Post or My Answer. We will cue Flight of the Bumblebee whilst they peruse.

The Year Gone

Seal of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Home Sweet Home

My personal year was very eventful. Unlike the year previous, the funerals were fewer, but the events just as profound. The remodel of the house in South Carolina; the move from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (home) back to (four miles beyond the point where hope is lost) South Carolina; the extended hospitalization of Poppa; the raveling of some important relationships.

I ghost wrote three books, watched Man Cub learn to jump into the pool all by his lonesome and watched my family make life-altering decisions. We scattered the ashes of my oldest sister at the end of what can only be described as a surreal summer. Some significant healing began.

Sommeil & Serre

A blog was born… with aspirations of becoming a bigger blog somewhere in the incalculable future.

Then, we lost Serre and Sommeil, a wound which remains open: A new layer of insight to temper the final edits to Killing Us Softly.

Man Cub opened up and began using some English. Little V finished 3/4 of her school year before the holiday break. Momma and Poppa came for a visit. Christmas and New Year’s Eve were quiet, intimate celebrations.

Where from here?

In my sincere hope The M3 Blog’s meteoric rise is not directly followed by an equally magnificent denouement, I have plans to expand. The new year will bring more focus to the authors, artists and musicians who frequent M3 and make it a delightful place to be.


Maybe I should do them one at a time.

My books will again become available as ebooks pending the resolution of a deal for short run, hard bound (read individually-autographed, limited edition press) copies due in the late spring to early summer, providing pre-sales materialize. I am working on two more books in the interim, with which I will occasionally ask your support… even if it comes only in the form of reading your blogs and engaging you on content I had no part in creating.

To allow me the time to honor some of the requests I guest blog on other forums, I will be occasionally asking for volunteers to post to M3. As of today, only one person has volunteered a post. (Wonders what subliminal message is wrapped in that.)

A Mark 6 nuclear bomb.


I have a few bombshells to drop, in the interest of conversation leading to enlightenment. (Does best Mr. Burn’s impression, “Excellent!”)

Possible Topics


You’ve got hate mail.

Based on the infernal (Be nice.) incessant (Stop that.) inbox, some of the requested topics for this year include:

  • Recognizing and eliminating abusive relationships (physical and emotional)
  • The sequel to the Mate & Quaint Saga
  • Avoiding high school and college disasters with your teens
  • Developing and maintaining self-esteem
  • Easy to implement environmental tips (especially if they are cheap)
  • How to haggle (someone does want money advice)
  • More office politics
I have invited before, but for the new subscribers I shall offer again. I leave my inbox open to all (including the spam bot I am sure wants to date my laptop) for requests and questions. Click on Ask Momma at the top of this or any page.

But enough about me…


What is it you would like to see out of 2012 (in or out of the blogosphere)? Could you use anything The M3 Blog covered to improve this year? Is there something you would like M3 to cover?  (Please no political requests.)

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  1. Yes Red, no politics please. As for the rest, just keep lighting fires that inflame our minds and ignite thoughtful comments.


    • I know a number of my bombshells shall! And absolutely no politics. Parenting and relationships are political enough! Red.

  2. Thanks Red. As for the coming year, PEACE. Though it may be temporary and short-lived, it is what I would like to see. In our homes, relationships, churches, countries and even the world. As for your blog, if I told you what to write, I probably wouldn’t want to read it anymore. I enjoy the surprise of opening the gift. Happy New Years and God Bless.

    • What a laudable thing to want. It is my most common prayer request: Peace in someone’s life. Have the most joyous, prosperous and healthy New Year, Grant. God bless you and Sue and all the brood. Red.

  3. I’m with Grant on this one! 🙂

    Here is the UK we are on the edge of the Euro debacle watching in agony as Greece and Italy stand on the brink of economic disaster with a rope we dare not cut connecting our financial future to theirs…

    I doubt if anyone thanked Gordon Brown for not taking us into the Euro, but even so it spells financial disaster for all European countries if either takes the big dive into economic catastrophe.

    So much for a German Led United Nations of Europe…

    All I can do is pray that they fix this mess before it is too late – that is what I want for 2012…

    Love and hugs!


    • Another good wish for the year, Pren. Here’s to us all having a little extra financial stability this year! {HUGZ} Red.

    • Yes Ian, next we will be
      goose-stepping and eating
      Frankfurters instead of
      pancakes… Well maybe? 🙁

      Politics certainly adds a flavour
      but unfortunately it is mostly a
      very sour taste…


      • Yeah Andro I agree, Germany has been taking more and more control of events and it’s a very sour taste indeed!

        I’d like to think that the Politicians will fix this before it gets too bad, but the people at the top are ALWAYS the last to suffer when things go wrong…

        God Bless!


  4. Asking for requests? Do you know “Old man river”? How about the incessant need to use as much water as humanly possible? I’ve seen sprinklers going on lawns during thunderstorms, people run the dishwasher when its 1/4 full – something along the avenue of the wasting of natural resources where a little common sense would extend them for centuries?

  5. I think you already have a winning formula
    Red so just keep adding more of the same
    and a few wicked one’s in between and we
    will all keep reading them and adding our
    thoughts and ideas… Well I will anyway 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I haven’t much choice but pop up a wicked one every now and then 😉 So, it looks as though you will be along for the ride! Red.

  6. Hey, from a Mom of Six to a Mom of Ten, I could do with any money matters stuff you got — especially for those tween/teen years. I’ve got managing the little ones down, but I’m about to have an eleven year old. Anything wisdom or “wish I knew thens” you want to pass along would be appreciated.

  7. Just keep writing….keep me focused. You are truly my fairy-blog-mother and I love you and everything you write dearly. Thank you for coming into my life 😉 Biggest hugs imaginable.

    • I love you, too, Em. And I will keep nudging you along. I wish for you and the chickens a glorious, healthy, fun New Year. *Waves wand* Red.

  8. Bear

     /  January 2, 2012

    I for one am very excited for you. I for one don’t think that a major overhaul is needed. You are a well-rounded writer and hit on the best of topics. I think that most of your readers agree. Keep up the good work! You make it look easy. Happy New Year everyone!

    • Thank you, Bear. I am excited, too. You know I would rather be sure than sorry. Red.

  9. Change nothing……well maybe stop being so obnoxious (kidding) back to change nothing.

  10. Red, I enjoy the posts on Quaint and hope these continue. A unique voice that is identifiable. Office politics are not so much my cop of tea, or cuppa as you call it. Keep up the great work!

    • Quaint and Mate will both be back in the upcoming weeks. We are going to head a little way away from the beaten path, to make the road more clear! Funny, I use the same psychology on office politics I do with toddlers…what does that tell you? Red.


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